My Skincare Bucket List For 2011


With the holiday season finally drawing to an end, it is now time for New Year resolutions.  This coming year I have decided to put my skin and its health in my resolution bucket list. So still dizzy from all the partying, here are some of the commandments that I have drawn up to turn my skin around.

Thou shall never sleep with make up on

One of the cardinal sins towards good skin is sleeping with make up on. This New Year I plan to make sure that I leave my skin squeaky clean before I hit the sack. This will allow my skin to breathe and give me less grief the morning after. A proper cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine has found its way into my bucket list.

Thou shall not step out minus sunscreen

All of us are aware of the importance of sunscreen. But despite beauty columns and dermatologists screaming themselves hoarse on the importance of sunscreen, how many of us are religious in its use? This New Year I promise to use a broad spectrum, PABA free sunscreen whenever I step out – come rain or shine!

Thou shall incorporate exercise into thy routine

Yes it is hard to follow an exercise routine and all of us give up only moments after we begin. But exercise boosts metabolism, gets your adrenalin rushing and makes your skin healthier. So start with any form of exercise that gets you off your butt and get grooving.

Thou shall learn to read labels

I promise to become a label reader and steer clear of products that can be potentially harmful to my system, skin and overall health. I also promise to educate myself on the several chemical substances that find their way into my everyday life and eliminate them. Most importantly I promise to get over my cosmetic fragrance addiction.

Thou shall forget yo-yo dieting

For all the excess weight that I have gained this year I promise not to make yoyo diets a part of my weight loss plan. If I have taken time to put on the weight I shall have to invest that much time in losing it! For all distressed fellow weight watchers we need to have a ‘healthy’ weight loss plan in place that balances quantity and proper nutrition.

Thou shall learn to clean or discard old make up and make up apparatus

I shall promise to clear my life of my entire old make up junk that has been harboring bacteria in my make up box. I also promise to clean my make up brushes with religious fervor and give them the much needed TLC to stay acne free.

Thou shall take charge of the stress in thy life

I shall take charge of stress in my life and not let it control me. Stress in one of the biggest contributors to skin ill health by causing you to break out. It also leads to skin inflammation. I shall invest in the power of positive thinking, be happy and smile…

Thou shall visit a dermatologist

Something that all of us skip doing thinking that either we are too young or too old! I shall visit a certified dermatologist and look for ways to optimize my skin health.

Thou shall not skimp on quality

In the coming year I promise not to get lured by price and compromise on the quality of the products that I use. I shall also control my addiction as a cosmetic junkie and avoid experimenting with every new product.

Thou shall scrub at night

Finally, I shall exfoliate but not over scrub. I shall exfoliate gently once a week and only at night so that my skin gets the chance to rest and rejuvenate.

What is your 2011 bucket list?  What are your New Year Skin Resolutions?  Write in and tell us.

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