mySkin CEO Speaks On Earth Day- The Environmental Impact Of Beauty

You care about your skin. Why wouldn’t you? It’s your largest organ. Walk to purchase a beauty product off the aisles- you are glared upon by more than 70,000 cleansers, creams, lotions, serums…dare I go on? There’s a constant parade of promises and conflicting claims. How do you know what works best for you? Whose advice do you trust? Its one confusing ‘beauty universe’!!

mySkin’s CEO speaks out on Earth Day. He says, “In this confusing world of skincare where we don’t have the right tools to select the right products for our individualistic skin needs, leads us to the age old ‘trial and error’ method of finding what works.  Guess what! With this groping in the dark style of beauty buying we throw away 70% of the products that we buy – that is 7 out of 10 products are not used and are discarded as waste! This hurts our planet tremendously. In adding insult to injury, these 7 products that we throw typically involves creating a lot more packaging waste – plastic (56%) that doesn’t degrade, cardboard and paper that signify (16%) of chopped trees”.

 Do you have any idea where the bottle of sunscreen lands after you dump it in the bin?  Turns out beauty products account for almost 28% of all landfill waste. Think about it…with fast depleting natural resources and global warming do we really need to add to the woes of the earth?

Use on Earth day , build your skin profile and scientifically learn what products would work best for your skin, for your concerns. Connect with your Skin Twins; a person/s with skin very similar to yours- to better understand what products would work for your skin. Join mySkin’s skincare forums to know what works and what doesn’t from real people experiences.

Let’s all be a more educated, and beautiful consumer, making our earth more beautiful in the bargain.

mySkin CEO Speaks On Earth Day- The Environmental Impact Of Beauty

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mySkin CEO Speaks On Earth Day- The Environmental Impact Of Beauty

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