New Age Advances To Treat Acne


Acne! Everything that I did or liked to do seemed to aggravate my acne. Like many of you, acne has managed to dominate my life for a significant period of time. With age, however, the flare ups are slowing down a bit. But the threat of an after attack looms large always. Here’s my advice on how to deal with acne and what new treatments can we look forward to:

Lasers: If you are plagued by a more serious acne attack, hopping in to your dermatologists’ clinic is a good idea. There are a number of oral antibiotics that your doctor can prescribe to control your acne. Laser treatments are popular to treat acne too. It’s good to talk to your derm.  about lasers to get rid of acne and acne scars. Some of the new age acne laser treatments are carbon dioxide treatment, fraxel lasers, ebrium and nonablative treatment. Lasers can be used alone or in conjunction with photosensitizing dyes to treat acne. These treatments are safe but have a down time. Skin redness and inflammation are a few things that you might have to deal with after laser therapy. Also this therapy is most effective when used in conjunction with conventional methods of acne treatment.

Chemical peels: These not only take the years off your face by reducing fine lines and wrinkles but can also be amazingly effective in alleviating an acne attack. Specific acne chemical peels are designed to control a bout of acne and work by peeling off the top layer of the skin and replacing it with fresher and healthier skin.

Blue Light: Blue light acne treatment is fast making its presence felt. It is a safe, non invasive treatment that targets the sebaceous glands killing the very bacteria that produce acne.

Expert Advice: If one suffers from a bout of mild acne then its best to focus on self care. Having a diet rich in zinc, fiber, vitamins and avoiding processed high fat, high sugar foods will definitely help. Also topical solutions containing benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid work wonderfully to combat acne. In case of severe acne your dermatologist might suggest a more aggressive path. Interlesional corticosteroid injections are quite successful in draining out acne, lessening inflammation and melting the acne cyst over a few days.

How have you treated your acne? Write in and put in your comments below.