Parts of your body you’re not including in your skincare

We all have our skincare routines. While being aware that skin health is important, we do everything to cover every aspect of it. But it’s not easy – there’s weather, humidity, UV rays, aging signs – who wouldn’t be overwhelmed and forgetful?

Surely you tend to nurture our skin, moisturize it and give it proper care. Even if you dedicate minimal time to skincare, it can prevent damage and aging, because well nurtured skin shows less aging signs.
Still, sometimes we miss some crucial body parts that are the first ones to tell the numbers. They need even more care than the rest of our bodies to keep being youthful and healthy. Here are the most important ones:

Under eye area:

Some people consider it unnecessary to have a special cream for this area and they may just be right.
But for others, this may be a true battle. Some things you may have issues with are sensitivity, dark circles, swelling etc. If your under eye area is more sensitive than the rest of your face, or your skin is sensitive overall, act fast and decide whether it needs different products or just more moisturizing.

Neck and cleavage:

You’ve heard this many times before, but repeating is the road to learning!
Remember – all the care you give to your face has to apply here too: sunscreen, creams, moisturizers, scrubs… These areas are usually not more sensitive or in need of special care. However, the difference becomes visible quickly if no care is applied at all. It doesn’t even require special actions, so you have no excuse!


Knees and elbows:

This is what most people forget about!
The knees usually get some care, but not enough of it. If you apply lotion on your entire body, make sure your knees get a bit more of it, so they could moisturize properly, having in mind they are naturally usually dry.
When it comes to elbows, they are most frequently forgotten about. The truth is, they are also naturally drier than the rest of your body and need to be treated really special. One good tip: when you apply moisturizers and lotions to your face, feet and hands before sleep, tap some of it onto your elbows as well. After a couple of weeks of this small routine, the results will be amazing you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it before!

It’s interesting how some parts of our faces and bodies we tend to take obsessive care of, while we neglect others. The concept is silly, for there’s no reason to care or love some parts of your body more than others. Learn to indulge in skincare and treat your body as a whole. The results will be visible almost immediately!


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Parts of your body you’re not including in your skincare

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Parts of your body you’re not including in your skincare

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