Power Of Nuts For Glowing Skin


Would you be nuts to think that just one ounce of nuts in your daily diet will give you healthy and glowing skin? Well, no, you won’t! Research reveals that nuts are a powerhouse for maintaining your skin health since they work from inside out. So which nuts should you go nuts about?

Almonds – Can a nut be high in calcium? The answer lies in the humble almond. This little nut has very high calcium content and so makes it perfect for those with lactose intolerance. Along with this almonds are great source of protein and fiber and antioxidants such as Vitamin E and Selenium. The calcium in these nuts gives you stronger bones and teeth and the antioxidants prevent cell destruction and make your skin younger, glowing and healthy.

Walnuts – Thought you needed to eat ounces of salmon to get the Omega 3 boost? Take a look at the walnut instead. This heart healthy nut has high mono saturated fat content and is loaded with Omega 3 fatty acid. In fact, a handful of walnuts contain as much Omega 3 fatty acid as 3 ounces of Salmon! Omega 3 fatty acids prevent free radical damage and help your skin stay younger. The manganese present in walnuts promotes cell turnover, copper helps in keeping the skin firm. Feeling sad or depressed? Grab a handful of walnuts since they keep depression at bay. And there is no better way to keep your skin happy as by staying happy.

Brazil nuts and Macadamia nut – Macadamia and Brazil nuts are both excellent sources of copper, selenium, magnesium, fiber, Vitamin C & E and protein. Vitamin E and Selenium help in fighting off free radicals and protect your skin from premature aging and cell degeneration and Vitamin C works as an anti oxidant and immunity booster keeping you healthy from inside out. Fiber ensures that your digestive track runs smoothly and indirectly promotes skin health. Both these nuts also have a high potassium and magnesium content which help in tissue repair, restore and rejuvenate the body and help in maintaining the body’s water balance. All these actions collectively help in keeping your skin looking fresh, young and glowing.

Interesting facts on Nuts you should know

  • Eat nuts raw and unsalted. Can’t eat them raw? Roast in the oven and then sprinkle with a dash of sea salt
  • Switch to nut butters. They are much easier to digest
  • Stick to 1to2 ounces of nuts in a day. Any more than this and you could be wreaking havoc on your digestion and your waistline
  • Always store nuts in your refrigerator to keep them fresh.

We are going nuts as today is #Nationalnutday! Are you nutty about nuts?


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