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Over a cup of coffee with my BFFs we got talking on our skin-its look, its health and its problems. While all of us agreed (sometimes not so honestly) that we looked far better than our years, Anne got around to telling me nicely that my face had a definitive character. Later in the night as I preened into my mirror I realized that the ‘character’ look was the defined frown lines on my forehead!  As much as I tried to appease myself of ‘aging gracefully’ I knew deep within that there was more to the furrows on my brow.

We believe that frown lines are a sign of aging. They are, but age is not the only factor for your glabellar lines. Also, frowning isn’t the primary reason for getting them. Research suggests that facial expression in conjunction with sun damage causes these lines to build up. As the skin ages and loses elasticity these become deeper giving you the furrowed look.

How does sun damage cause frown lines? – The elasticity of our skin is maintained because of the presence of collagen and elastin in our skin system. This skin matrix gets disturbed when skin is exposed to the sun for prolonged durations. As the skin becomes thinner and the collagen and elastin balance get disturbed it loses it elasticity, tends to sag and cannot snap back to its former contour.

The quick fix – Thankfully, the science of skin care has made serious headway in combating one’s frownies; imagine sitting with tape across my forehead while at work to avoid them (much like my mom)!

There are a number of topical applications that improve the skin appearance and significantly lift the deep furrows. Creams that contain alpha lypolic acid in combination with Vitamin C work like a charm. Creams those are rich in retinol and Vitamin A work wonders on frown lines. Retinoids work from within the inner skin cells rejuvenating the skin and revealing newer and fresher looking skin. Do not underestimate the use of a good broad spectrum sunscreen when you are trying to get rid of or avoiding frown lines since the sun is the biggest culprit here.

You can also look at advanced treatments for taking your frown lines off your face. Botox, injectible dermal fillers, chemical peels, radio frequency rejuvenation, laser skin resurfacing are some of the many options that you can choose from. Before proceeding with any treatment seek advice from a qualified dermatologist and assess your frownie removal options for good results.

Couple the above with a healthy lifestyle, no smoking and a cheerful disposition-all giving you fewer lines.

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