Quit Smoking- Save Your Skin


Your skin is precious, it’s the reflection of your  inner self and you like to see it looking its best! But, there are a lot of things you do that  affect your skin for better or worse. Smoking is one amongst others.

Smoking is more than just a nasty habit. It is toxic, poisonous and devastating in the long run. No doubt, smoking affects the skin but its effects on the rest of your body are enormous. Cigarettes are the main cause of lung cancer with up to 95% of cases linked to smoking. Heart conditions can be triggered or significantly worsened by smoking and up to a dozen other conditions are caused or worsened by tobacco. A cigarette is a sinister cocktail of formaldehyde, cancer-causing chemicals and nicotine and by burning it you add carbon monoxide and tar to the mix.

When it comes to your complexion, smoking has profound implications. When you’re a smoker, particularly a heavy smoker your body has to re-prioritize its resources and expend its energy and nutrients repairing more essential parts of your body ravaged by tobacco, like your lungs. With a lack of vitamin C, collagen, the protein that keeps your skin supple is no longer produced in sufficient amounts and your skin becomes saggy, lackluster, and haggard. Furthermore, some essential enzymes for your skin are stifled by nicotine and carbon monoxide.

Studies show that if you quit smoking your complexion starts recovering within days although it might take years for it to recover completely. Cosmetic treatments might also be required if you were a particularly heavy smoker. But you can’t really quit smoking cold turkey as studies have shown that it fails in 95% of cases. Even when attending some support group quitting smoking works in only about one in three cases. Is there a way out?  Nicotine replacement therapy could be your answer.

While nicotine isn’t the healthiest thing out there it is what smokers crave in a cigarette and the vast majority of doctors recommend substituting cigarettes with nicotine patches, gum or e-cigarettes. The latter deliver direct and easily dosable nicotine ‘fixes’ without any of the other side effects . For your skin this means that you can retain your looks while slowly phasing out smoking over an extended period. So far e-cigarettes have been slow in acceptance by both doctors and the public but they are picking up speed fast. Not only that, but as they are re-usable and pretty cheap they save you a lot of money as well as your skin! Dale from Electronic cigarette tree reviews and rates some of the brands available in the market today.

For you to live a longer, healthier life with awesome skin health, kick the butt now!

Quit Smoking!


Mara M. Fuchs is a freelance writer interested in topics like technology, personal finance and beauty. She has recently been trying to give up smoking for the sake of her cats.


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