Rainy Day Beauty Tips For You


Throughout human history, people and cultures all over the world have celebrated rain and it’s life-giving power. All life is dependent on rain, and rain is what keeps our world green and fresh and beautiful. Rain is no less important today than it has been in the past, and now people around the world have Rain Day, a day to celebrate all things wet and wonderful.

However, with rains comes dull skin, acne, fungal and bacterial infections that cause patchiness and dryness, down to melting makeup, runny eye liner and mascara! All of a sudden, the romance goes down the drain and maintaining your skin and appearance becomes uber important!

Here are five easy rainy day tips, for you to look gorgeous 🙂

  1. Un -Frizze your hair: Rainy season will give your hair frizz. You may have any kind of hair, you will get frizz! The static in your hair makes you go crazy, we understand. You must keep your hair’s cuticle sealed at all times to avoid this fuzzy texture. A simple thing to do is use a light mousse or gel all over the hair and work it through so that the entire follicle is smooth.
  2. Enjoy your bath time: Like the skin on your face, the rest of your body needs its regular pampering too. To avoid infections, bathe twice a day. Use an anti fungal soap. Add a dash of your favorite essential oil to your bath to keep yourself feeling fresh and nice. Towel dry is the best and use a water based body lotion for hydration.
  3. Go light, please! Avoid heavy creams and foundations that can go patchy.  Use waterproof mascaras and eye liners. Keep your look natural and light.
  4. Manis and pedis are important for you: The in-betweens of your fingers and toes are most susceptible to fungal infections. A regular manicure and pedicure will ensure clean feet, hands and healthy nails.
  5. Pack the essentials: When heading out, carry skin-essentials in your bag. Blotting paper, wipes, beauty sponges, Q tips, etc. Even in cloudy weather, your skin needs protection from the sun. Carry a small bottle of sunscreen lotion.

Enjoy your rainy days with glowing skin and look your beautiful best, even on a crummy wet day!


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