Rumor: Your Age Is A Mind And Body Game


18 till I die – gonna be 18 till I die
Ya it sure feels good to be alive
Someday I’ll be 18 goin’ on 55! – 18 till I die…

Bryan Adams sure got that right. Age is just a number and feeling young or old is a matter of your mind. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter! Having a youthful outlook to life can keep you feeling younger, no matter what your chronological age is. When you feel young, you are going to look young. As we celebrated “As young as you feel” day on Saturday, 22nd March, you have that perfect excuse to start looking, and feeling young. Here’s what you can do!

Have fun! It really matters when it comes to keeping that youthful demeanor and ageless beauty. No matter what you do – whether you are planning to celebrate your 60th birthday, indulging in a new hobby, or you are simply going to treat yourself to a luxurious spa.

Enjoy yourself to you hearts content and you will feel young!

Lose those inhibitions –  “As young as you feel” day is all about losing those inhibitions. It’s a day when you actually can let your hair down and paint the town red or paint your hair red! Ever thought of getting that whacky Mohawk hairstyle? Or trying that shade of solid purple for your locks? Now is the time. Pack your bags and go on that solo hitchhiking trip. Plan a tour around the world!

Get up and go live that dream! It’s yours to fulfill.

Plan for the long haul- As the saying goes, “You live only once.” Change your lifestyle. Plan a healthier future. Eating healthy is keeping healthy. What you put inside is going to reflect on the outside. For starters, up your water intake and maintain a diet that includes healthy food. Raw fruits and vegetables will provide natural vitamins and minerals. Stock up on foods rich in anti-oxidants. Avoid sugar. Ellen DeGeneres did! Boy did she shine at the Oscars.

Act your age! Who says you have to?- Who says you cant indulge! Sign up for that scuba diving lesson you always wanted. Have you tried hitting a teenagers club? Scan your wardrobe. You just may fit into that summer dress you so carefully kept for your teenaged daughter. Have an all-girls masquerade night-out. Dress up like Audrey Hepburn a-la Breakfast at Tiffany’s! You’ll be surprised at all the giggly-fun you and your friends will have. Who cares if you are sixty-plus-something? It’s the new thirties anyway! On the other hand, spend a day with the kids at the mall. Do your own thing, or do theirs. Shock them all for a change.

You’ll see the difference in you. Whether you are twenty-five, forty-eight, or seventy. Its never too late to begin!


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Feel Good With Puppy Love

Feel Good With Puppy Love

Rumor: Your Age Is A Mind And Body Game

Take time out when traveling – include a day spa on your checklist!

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