Shea Butter To Softer Skin

It’s goodbye dry winters n’ hello to the spring. My skin that was cracking, itching and drying is now metamorphosed to a soft, glowing one. It’s caught the envy of my BFFs and my office colleagues are giving me appreciative looks. All thanks to this natural skincare wonder I’ve added to my skincare routine – Shea butter.

Beauty in adversity – What makes Shea butter so unique is its ability to grow in adversity yet reap great benefits for your skin. Shea butter is obtained from Shea nuts, which grow on the Karite Tree or the African Shea Tree. These trees grow in arid and harsh conditions of western Savannah and East Africa. The biggest irony is that this is perhaps Mother Nature’s best natural moisturizer found in the driest regions of the earth.

Dry skin combatant – Perhaps there is no better natural ingredient than Shea butter to fight dry skin. Its natural oils and fatty acids help to penetrate deep within your skin layers and restore vitality. This moisturizer hydrates the parched areas of your skin.

Power punched skincare – Bundled with essential skin vitamins, proteins and minerals, this product can go a long way in revitalizing and rejuvenating your epidermis. It’s one of the most potent skin healing natural products.

Anti-ageing butter –Shea butter when used regularly for longer time periods reduces the symptoms of ageing.  A lot of women in Africa have been applying it on their skin for centuries, long before the world discovered its anti aging capabilities.

Natural SPF – Shea butter creates a natural protective layer on the skin shielding you from environmental damage and harmful UV rays. Moreover, it also inhibits environmental pollutants sticking to your skin with its unique coating properties.

Use it the natural way – When shopping for Shea butter make sure it is unrefined and pure. Many of the skincare products claiming to have Shea butter in them may in reality have diluted, refined shea butter or filled with preservatives and additives. You should be buying 100% fresh Shea butter for maximum results. Did you know that pure Shea butter is also used as cooking oil in some countries due to its edible properties? It’s a fine example of what’s good to eat is great for the skin!

Tips to shop natural – Here are a few tips to know whether the Shea butter you are buying is truly pure and natural. 100% natural African Shea butter has a smooth soft texture. When fresh it has a tinge of light grey to yellow colour with a natural aroma that reduces with time. Although it becomes harder with age, it never loses it sheen. It can easily be melted in sunlight or normal room temperature but it solidifies when cooled. There’s no specific expiry date for this product but it’s best to use in its first two years.

This butter has redefined my look. There are no two guesses as to why I am the centre of attraction these days.

Have you used Shea Butter in your skincare routine? Let us know how?

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