Skin and Lifestyle: Are they connected?

Is that me in the mirror?
Looking in the mirror each day and appreciating the effort I put in caring for my skin, I have come to realize lifestyle plays a key role in maintaining its radiance and health. A key factor is to create a balance in life, a strong fit between a healthy mind and a healthy body. Seeing my reflection, I know that taking continuous care and effort towards achieving this balance is key in honoring my skin and putting my best face forward.

Stress fighter:
The skin mirrors internal stresses. As the mind is capable of dealing with stress to a certain level its limitations can be expressed through the body, such as a decreased metabolism and dull skin. To help combat this, the mind needs rest and serenity so that it can recover. The best possible way to relax and heal your mind and body is to sleep. It’s essential to get 8 hours of sleep: The body recoups physically from 10pm to 2am and from then on to 6am your mind actually begins to recoup. Dark circles, wrinkles, fatigue, age lines and wrinkles etc. are all results of over stress. Recognizing the limitations of the human body is the first step that will help you manage stress and keep your skin looking healthy for a longer time.

Food for youth:
I have been maintaining a low diet because of the lack of exercise. That was silly of me because the unbalanced nutrition and excessive dieting over many years decreased metabolites to my body and caused skin ageing. The body needs 1500kcal of energy every day. Guess what! High sugar intake causes skin wrinkling and ageing. Caffeine made me look aged too. Sufficient water intake is a great help to my metabolism – 8 glasses a day should do the trick! Exercising 30 minutes a day along with a daily diet that consists of a correct balance of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and minerals will get me radiant glowing skin.

A walk in the park:
Recreation is the other word for mental and physical health. Recreation will distress your mind and body. Television and computer games are not recreation. A visit to the park, gardening and washing the car are simple things that helped me refresh myself in manners that I had never known before.

Crush the cigarettes, dump those bottles:
Cigarettes and alcohol contribute to skin aging. Cigarettes cause skin wrinkling faster than anything else. It blocks supply of nutrients and oxygen to the outermost skin layers depriving it from maintain its moisture and making it look dull. Alcohol blocks supply of vitamin A which is responsible for generating new skin cells. Alcohol also causes dehydration and leads to loss of sleep. These effects are hard to remove and try your best not to indulge!

The health of the skin is a direct result of the lifestyle that we follow. Beauty is both inside and out!

What are your lifestyle tips to a great looking skin?

Skin and Lifestyle: Are they connected?

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