Skin Food Fit For A Queen


Cleopatra, the beautiful Egyptian queen was known for her radiant skin.  Her secret? Milk.

What are the benefits to milk as a skincare ingredient?

The lactic acid in milk is an alpha hydroxy acid, a natural material that dissolves the elements that hold dead skin cells together. Milk cleanses the skin down to its deepest layers, while soothing and nourishing the skin. It helps alleviate redness and calms irritated skin. It hydrates and provides gentle, skin-renewing exfoliation. Lactic acid in milk exfoliates gently and is a good source of vitamins A and D to your skin complexion. Whole milk is a powerful soothing agent for dry, itchy skin and takes the sting out of minor burns and rashes. Washing your face regularly with milk or adding it to the water you bathe in removes face wrinkles and lightens skin tone. It also softens skin and increases its elasticity.

How can I use milk in my skincare routines?

  1. A clean start –  Remove excess dirt by adding a few drops of sweet almond oil to a tablespoon of whole milk. Using sterile cotton, gently dab milk and oil mixture onto the face, then remove with a fresh piece of cotton. Rinse thoroughly, removing all traces of the milk to prevent the growth of bacteria.
  2. A scrubby mix – Mix 1 teaspoon powdered skim milk with 1 teaspoon honey, add a few drops of fresh lemon juice. Gently massage face with this mixture. Rinse later.
  3. It’s a mask – Mix a quarter of a glass of sour milk with a spoonful of oatmeal to form a paste. Place it between two layers of cheesecloth and keep it on your face for a while. This mask is highly efficient for freckles, greasy skin and pigmented spots.
  4. Mask it again – Mix equal proportions of cottage cheese, olive oil, milk and carrot. Apply this mixture on the face for some minutes. Wash off with warm water.
  5. The Cleopatra way – Add 2 drops of lavender oil, 1 tablespoon honey along with 2 tablespoons of whole milk powder or a cup of whole milk to a warm bath. Soak yourself in it as long as possible and shower away any remains.

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