Skincare For The Holidays

Holidays are a time to enjoy and unwind, but sometimes it can be a bit of a hassle to squeeze in some time for yourself. Products are not what needs changing during the holidays. You just need to pay close attention to some of the factors that wear you out during this time of the year. When something affects you, it’s will be visible on your skin, too!


Here are some tips for beautiful skin in the holiday season:

Stress: While holidays are a lovely time full of pleasures, enjoyment and fun, it can also mean thousands of tasks, to-do lists, food preparing, house decorations, family encounters and gift-giving. Just thinking of all this sounds stressful! The obvious advice is not to let holidays wear you down but it’s not always possible to ignore the stress; so if you can’t avoid it, at least try nurturing your skin with much needed winter care.

Makeup: During the holidays, you meet a lot of people, go to a lot of parties, snap hundreds of photos. It’s natural – you want to look your best. However, your skin might get really unhappy if it has to spend most of the holiday time under endless layers of makeup!

If you know it’s going to be an entire day where you need to have makeup on, try to minimize the amount you apply. But if you can’t, make sure you always remove makeup before going to bed, so your skin can breathe at night.

Alcohol: Parties, dinners, lunches, gatherings, cold weather – all good excuses to have a cocktail, beer or a cup of mulled wine. We know, it’s the season of food, drinks and overall hedonism, and that’s okay with us.
However, too much alcohol can dry out your skin and make it look worn out. Avoid this by either reducing alcohol intake per day or, if you can’t say no to that extra glass of wine, drink lots of water to stay hydrated and never forget to apply extra moisturizer to your skin during the holiday season.

Food: Holidays are also the time to for tasty snacks and amazing feasts. Indulging in delightful food is our favorite as well, but be careful not to overdo the calorie and fat laden goodies. Some ingredients, like excessively oily foods can cause internal inflammation leading to acne breakouts. With this in mind, think of some healthier delicacies on the table.

We hope this little guide will help you enjoy the holiday season and still come out on top with beautiful, glowing skin.
We wish you an entire Universe of happiness and joy and, of course, beautiful and healthy skin in the year to come!
Happy Holidays!


Skincare For The Holidays

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Skincare For The Holidays

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