SkinCare Resolutions Not Meant To Be Broken


The start of a New Year is always a great time to make your New Year resolutions. Most of us make work related resolutions, resolutions for better financial management or diet related resolutions. Why can’t we include skin care in the list as well?

Little skin care steps, when followed regularly and correctly go a long way in maintaining good skin health. Sometimes, even the most beauty-wise woman tends to forget repeated sunscreen application, skip removing makeup before bed or even forgets her yearly skin check-up. If it is complexion perfection that you desire, these ‘do-it-daily” resolutions will get you there.

Stick with itYour first resolution is to stick to your skin care resolutions and routines this year. You can never make it through the year if you don’t resolve to follow your resolutions at the onset. In addition, skipping a skin care routine you started mid-way, will never produce the desired results. Even if it is to test a new anti-aging night cream, you need to give the product at least six weeks to work its magic.

Moisturize after a showerOnce you are out of the shower, moisturize. We often forget this important step as we have other things on our mind. The warm water strips the skin off essential surface oils and within ten minutes, dries out the skin. A quick fix would be to keep a body lotion in the shower itself. It will help you remember to moisturize every time after a shower.

Repeated Sun ProtectionSo you have been careful about never stepping in the sun without sunscreen. However, have you remembered to re-apply sunscreen every two to three hours, between your afternoon shopping sprees? Even sweating washes away your sunscreen and exposes the skin to harmful UV rays of the sun. An easy option is to carry a small ‘handbag’ bottle to replenish your skin regularly. You can carry sun protection wipes as well.

Never pop themEven though you know you should not, you still pop them! Those zits and zit marks are never going away if you don’t keep your hands off. By simply touching them, dirt, germs and pore-clogging oil gets to the skin, increasing the occurrence of pimples and acne.  Stick a “Don’t Touch” post-it on your mirrors to remind yourself every time your hands itch to squeeze a pimple.

Clean up before bedYou’ve had a tiring day and the washroom is ten steps away… maybe just this once! Think this way, and you’re going to go to bed with a concoction of makeup, oil, dirt, or even bus-exhaust that gets trapped in your makeup, on your face. Wash your face and re-hydrate as soon as you get home. A regular face-washing habit is sure to keep your face glowing.

Follow these simple daily steps and make them a part of your New Year’s resolutions. 2014 will surely turnout to be a great year for your skin care.


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