Skincare Secrets From The Orient

The Orient has always been surrounded by an air of mystery and mysticism. Is the glowing complexion and ageless skin of the women from the Orient a result of their deep spirituality, their food habits or a result of a balanced lifestyle? Turns out, that it is a part of all this and a little more. Here are some of the best kept skin care secrets from the Orient.

Holistic Life Approach: Apart from the genes that Asians inherit, their holistic approach to life definitely affects the way their skin looks. Food plays a very big part of the Asian culture. On noticing closely I found that the foods consumed by the Oriental people are very high in antioxidants and Omega 3 fatty acids. An integral part of the Oriental diet is seafood, ginseng, Chinese mushrooms, cherries, rice, cucumbers and a host of other vegetables and fruits- all great for the skin.

Ginseng: This miracle food is packed with anti oxidants and is known for its health benefits. Not only does ginseng benefit the skin by reducing the effects of free radicals, it also helps in eliminating stress. This miracle plant also contains natural steroids that boost skin cell production and promotes the overall well being of an individual.

Wakame: Another reason behind Oriental woman and their gorgeous skin is Wakame; sea mustard in the English speaking world. This is a type of seaweed that is a native of Japan. Used extensively in their cuisine, Wakame is consumed in its fresh as well as dried form. This seaweed is a very high source of Vitamin A, C,E and K. It is also very rich in folic acid and riboflavin. A component present in sea mustard called fucoxanthin helps in weight loss by increasing metabolism and burning fatty tissue.

Pearly Power: As legend goes, a very beautiful Chinese princess applied the powder from a crushed pearl with a jade stick to erase her wrinkles. Pearl powder contains amino acids that help in skin rejuvenation. The healing power of this powder calms skin irritations, redness and skin inflammation. Pearls have found their place in spas across the world.

Nightingale droppings: When someone revealed that the secret behind the youthful complexion of the Japanese women was nightingale droppings, I laughed it off. Turns out, this bird poop is no laughing matter. Over the decades Japanese women have maintained their silky white skin and luxurious hair with the help of products containing nightingale droppings. It has natural bleaching and exfoliating properties and leaves the skin feeling smooth and toned.

Acupressure: I was also surprised to know that acupressure has immense skin benefits. Acupressure improved blood circulation, boosts metabolism, and helps the skin become more elastic and hence free from fine lines and wrinkles.

What did you think of our oriental skincare secrets? Write in and let us know.

Skincare Secrets From The Orient

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