Smoking Is Bad For Your Skin!

It’s those school years when most of us pick up that first cigarette to blend in with the crowd and look cool!  Though we’re aware of the adverse effects of smoking, we turn a blind eye to it. As years go by, the ‘smoke’ habit enslaves us making it difficult in kicking it off.

Smoking affects our skin adversely besides causing lung disease, heart and blood vessel disease, cancer, and other illnesses. One of four smokers dies of diseases directly related to smoking. Many others suffer years of pain, ill health, and discomfort. I do not want to write an advisory note; its my effort to help us strengthen our resolve to quit smoking this year around.

Poisoned Blood: Blood is the internal transport system of the body carrying  nutrients, water and wastes to different parts of the body. The skin is fed by the blood too. When we breathe in, oxygen absorbed by blood reaches the skin for good skin health. But when we smoke the amount of oxygen reaching the skin drops drastically as carbon monoxide (a smoking by-product) gets absorbed into the blood. That’s not all, it gets absorbed 200 times faster than oxygen leaving  your skin ‘oxygen thirsty’ and poisoning it too.

Liver Stress: A cigarette contains about 4000 toxins which are not desirable to the body. They get pumped into our body with every puff! This makes the liver work harder as it wants to push these unwanted toxins out. This liver stress takes its toll on the skin  giving it a grayish yellow, stale appearance. Getting your skin glow back gets real difficult too.

Heart Attacks: Smoking causes the blood vessels to shrink, reducing the supply of blood to different body parts. This results in low stamina, breathing problems and most importantly increased pressure on the heart leading to an attack.

Skin Age Enhancer: Smoking is the only factor that competes with the sun in bringing about premature skin aging. It hastens the body’s aging process; with wrinkles and fine lines seen in abundance. It causes depletion of the skin protein, collagen too. A smoker’s skin looses all its elasticity and looks stretched with no life in it,  not to miss out on the sunken cheeks.

This No-Tobacco day let’s resolve to act towards a healthier body and skin.

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Smoking Is Bad For Your Skin!

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