Spa Routines From Across The World

Think spas and a world of indulgence comes to mind. All of us love spa visits to massage away our aches, pain and worries. Next time round when visiting a spa or enjoying a luxurious spa vacation look up for these fabulously sought after exotic treatments that we’ve scoped out for you from across the continents!

The Black Pearl Body Buff from Tahiti

The name itself leaves me feeling rich and beautiful. Pearls are known for their anti aging and healing properties. Black pearls found in French Polynesia are coveted not only for their jeweled beauty but for their beauty benefits. The Monoi Poi treatment in spas in Tahiti uses real powered black pearls and their local home grown nut oil called ‘monoi’. Monoi is known for its hydrating properties and this exotic treatment leaves you with a pearly glow.

The Gold Body Mask from Oman

Can anything ever get more blingy than gold? The Arabian Gold Ritual in spas across Oman uses the healing properties of gold in their spa treatments. Since ancient Egyptian times gold has been considered a symbol of wealth, power and has known to have incredible healing properties. In fact, the Egyptians believed that gold also signified immortality. In more modern times, beauty experts believe fine powdered gold absorbs pollutants and regulates the ionic balance of the skin and gives the skin the ‘golden glow’. If you are looking for a golden experience then head to the spas in Oman where you will first be buffed with a basil and mint scrub and then painted over with a pure powdered gold and clay body mask. Then get ready for a face and head massage with pure gold infused oil.

The Hot Shell Massage from California

If you thought it couldn’t get better than the hot stone therapy, here comes another hot massage! The Hot Shell Massage from California uses several elements from the ocean such as the all natural Tiger Clam shells, sea algae and dried kelp along with purified water, lavender or other essential oils and salt to relax your senses. This heady massage restores your skin balance and rejuvenates you like never before. The polished sea shells are warmed and then placed in line with your ‘chakras’ which helps in releasing all the blocked energies in your body and relaxing your muscles completely.

The Jade Hot Stone Massage from Beijing

Absorb the mystique of the Far East with the Jade Hot Stone Massage therapy from Beijing. Jade has been known for its healing properties. In the eastern world it is considered a symbol of beauty and good health. A number of cosmetic manufacturers also infuse this stone with their products as they believe that jade reduces skin inflammation, adds moisture to the skin and boosts collagen production because of its high silica content. The Jade hot stone massage begins with a cleansing facial for polarity balance. It is then followed by an invigorating full body massage with warm essential oils. The hot jade stones are then used in the massage process to release their mystical properties and provide deep relaxation along with mental harmony.

What is the most decadent spa treatment that you have indulged in? Write in and let us know.

Spa Routines From Across The World

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Spa Routines From Across The World

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