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Don’t deny it! You are a skin savvy, skin healthy individual and you are completely aware of the beauty uses of bath salts (Y) But, did you know that your regular OTC Epsom salt is also widely used in beauty rituals? As per the Epson Salt Council, (Yes! a council exists) Epsom salt; magnesium sulfate to the science world is a pure, natural mineral-compound in crystal form that is known for smoothening, softening, brightening, and relaxing your skin.

Here are five beautiful ways your can use Epsom:

Planning to de-stress after a long tiring day? Adding a few spoons of Epsom Salt to your warm bath can help relieve stress and soothe the skin. Magnesium present in the salt activates and helps regulating over 325 enzymes present in the body that improve circulation and increases the oxygen absorption of the skin. The sulfate components of the salt help draw out toxins from the body and ease muscle tension as well.

Prone to zits or troubled with blackheads? Reach out for that jar of Epsom Salt. The antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties of the salt reduce the spread of bacteria. Removal of blackheads is also easier with Epsom salt. Simply add in a teaspoon to boiling water along with 3-4 drops of iodine. Dab the blackhead with a cotton ball dipped in the solution for about 2-3 minutes. This helps in natural extraction, while cleaning the grime and dead cells from pores.

How about turning your home into a spa? Epsom Salt is a great exfoliator. You can begin your home-spa treatment by adding a spoon of salts to your cleanser for deep-pore cleansing. Similarly, a spoon of Epsom Salt mixed with a grated carrot and 2 teaspoons of mayo makes a fantastic face pack. While you are at it, mix a spoon of Epsom salt in olive oil to massage and scrub, to reveal glowing, soft, and supple skin.

Red with sun burns- The mild anti-inflammatory properties of this wonder salt helps soothe the burning and itching while healing the skin. Mix a few spoons of Epsom Salt in water to make a paste, refrigerate it until cold, and apply the paste on sunburns. When used before stepping out in the sun, it makes the skin softer and helps absorb your sunscreen better.

Achy creaky limbs? For soft feet and shinier hands, try dipping them in a solution of water and Epsom Salt. Perfect for manicures and pedicures, Epsom salt is best for exfoliation, smoothening out rough patches and brightening nails. A simple soak can ease aching feet and tired hands. Ah!

The next time you are at a store or a chemist, stock up on this inexpensive, natural salt to add a spa-like touch to your beauty regime.

Skincare + Epsom salt = Beautiful you!


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