Spending Real Time With Friends Boosts Your Immunity


Want to improve your wellness quotient? Its simple! Spend a day chilling out with your gal-pal’s, hang out with your gang of guys, or simply head out to a spa with your BFF. We’re serious! Your friendships are the route to a higher wellness quotient and eventually, better skin.

Still don’t believe us? Read on…

Good friendships can be very satisfying and fulfilling – emotionally and physically. Right from sharing your fitness regime to helping you cope with different kinds of stress, your friends are the ones who ride the roller coaster called “life” with you – sharing all the ups and downs, and extending support whenever needed.

Friends and stress

Today, there is stress everywhere; and all you have, as a defense against it, is the will power to cope and win against it.  Whether it is work related stress, stress caused due to a health problem, or due to the loss of a loved one, a friend’s support during such stressful times helps ease many tensions away. Eventually, when stress is less, you tend to live a healthier, happier life.

A recent study has shown that in women, spending time with friends, releases oxytocin (the hormone associated with motherly love), which also tends to have a calming effect on the body. Therefore, good friendships = lower stress = lower health risks.

Friends and healthy practices

Have you ever hit the gym just because your BFF did? Alternatively, tried a diet with a friend? How about following a skin care routine that your friend advised you to try?

You have? Cool! Then you know just what we mean. Think of the response you have given your mom when she suggested that you stay away from that junk food versus your reaction when you and your friend pledged to eliminate sugary foods from your diet! We all know which one worked!

Yes! friends do come with a health benefit and you are likely to stick to those goals when your friend is there with you.

Living longer

With the right kind of quality friendships, you will tend to live longer, as you will tend to be more happier, more self-confident, living a healthy life. A large amount of research states that at least 50% people with strong friendships have a higher rate at survival than those lesser. With such statistics, your best friend could actually be your guide to a longer life.

The verdict is out. Your friends have the ability to increase your wellness quotient. In turn, when your overall wellness quotient increases, your skin will start to glow. Your happiness and contentment will reflect on your face. Such is the power of friendship!


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