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Dr.lanzer1Cosmetic Surgery has undergone tremendous changes during the last 25 years. A pioneer and leader in this field is well known Cosmetic Surgeon and Dermatologist Dr Daniel Lanzer. We asked Dr Lanzer on what is new in the cosmetic surgery space?

Dr.lanzer2He explained that one area that has shown increased interest is Mini Face Lift. A lot of men and women seek a more youthful appearance and love how they look when they push their skin towards the ears. The mini lift is less invasive than a deep lift and tends to make people look like they did 10-15 years earlier. The patients regain a very tight neck line which can especially be seen side onwards. Recovery is about two weeks and is often combined with liposculpture of the neck, laser wrinkle therapy of the lips and laser blepharoplasty.

A second advancement is Lipo- Tummy Tuck. This combines two methods liposculpture and tummy tuck- abdominoplasty. As a result the procedure seems to be safer and less invasive.  The liposuction is first performed reducing the mass of the fat to a thin layer. Then the loose skin is removed. Often the underlying muscle separation is tightened and the umbilicus is repositioned. Dr Lanzer says he performs this method without hospital admission and patients can go home after the procedure. If one wishes to have a flat stomach especially after pregnancy then this is an ideal method.

Dr.lanzerA third area of interest is breast augmentation – breast implants. They may be enhanced with Silicon implants or saline. One advantage of saline is that there are no toxic risks and the implant is inflated inside the body so a small incision is all that is required to place it in the breasts. Dr Lanzer likes to put the implant deep under the muscle as it gives a more natural lift. He warns that all surgery has risks and its worth seeking a second opinion.

Dr.lanzer3There are many other interesting trends in cosmetic surgery. Firstly men are having more surgery both for face and eye rejuvenation , and for the athletic six pack. A second interesting fact is that most people having surgery are normal suburban working people wanting to invest in themselves. They have surgery to stay in the work force longer, to feel more confident about something that is bothering them or to look healthier. A third interesting trend is for people to come in groups such as partners, friends or even mother and children. Also as  surgery becomes more main stream people are more happy to be open about their surgery.


MEL_Dr Lanzer_L2A5783_BW_HTSsmallDr. Daniel Lanzer –  Dr Daniel Lanzer is a celebrity Cosmetic Surgeon and Specialist Cosmetic Dermatologist. He has been at the forefront of cosmetic Surgery developments and clinical practice for over 25 years.

In 1992 he was first featured on national Australian Television when he brought Tumescent Liposuction to Australia. Since then he has been asked to explain and demonstrate many breakthroughs in cosmetic treatments. This included cosmetic surgery and lasers, megaliposuction, male surgery, blepharoplasty, skin face lifts, six- pack Liposculpture, devices for cosmetic therapies and cosmetic fillers.

He helped pioneer breast reduction in women via liposuction alone publishing the first large clinical study in the world. He has performed some 15,000 liposuctions and is one of the most experienced surgeons in the world.

Dr Lanzer is the chosen Cosmetic surgeon of Health MeTv which has recently been launched in Singapore and Australia. Dr Lanzer’s Cosmetic Surgery Clinic has become synonymous with what’s new, innovative and exciting in the field of Cosmetic Surgery of the Face and Body.  Dr Lanzer is an active Facebook user. His websitehosts information about many cosmetic procedures, real life case studies and photos to help you make an informed decision about your treatment plan.”

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