Super-Skin To Tan


Do you get the ‘tanning blues’ when planning for your sun n’ sand beach vacation?

Its true, we need sunlight for the vitamin D, but exposing yourself to the sun for extended periods of time without protection is dangerous. The UV radiation both damages and increases risk of skin cancer.

Your golden tan doesn’t want this minus.

You can get that coveted, envy generating tan with these simple tips:

  • One step at a time-Begin your tanning procedure with only 10 or 15 minutes of exposure to the sun or a tanning lamp to allow your skin to get used to the heat. Gradually increase the time as your body becomes tanned.
  • SPF-wise-Choose the right sunscreen and lip balm with SPF 15 to give you the necessary protection while you tan.
  • Scrub n’ Rub- Prepare your skin by scrubbing away the upper dead skin layer with an exfoliating pad. Then rub in the sunscreen lotion. Later apply sun tanning lotion in slow, deliberate movements to the back of your knees, elbows, ankles and tan lines. This compliments tanning. Wipe away extra lotion to get an evenly bronzed look.
  • My Fair Ones-Those with a fair complexion, prone to sunburn must avoid direct sun exposure during peak hours, especially afternoons when sunrays are the most harmful and penetrate through your skin the most.
  • Eyeshades– Sport your sunglasses when tanning. Your peepers are delicate and precious. The harsh sunrays can damage them.
  • After Sun Chores-Moisturize your skin with an after sun lotion containing aloe.  Aloe is rich in skin soothing properties, helps in cooling the skin and makes the tan last longer.
  • Tan Tones-If you wish to keep certain areas of your skin lighter in shade then pre-apply baby oil or lotion to such regions. Then use a sunless tanner. This keeps them from getting dark.
    • Derm talk-If you are on medication for acne or any skin disorder, do consult your dermatologist before choosing to tan.

There are many new-age tanning procedures like tanning pills, tanning beds, lamps and tanning sprays. You can opt for these but  nothing can beat the golden glow you get when accompanied by sun, sand n’ surf.

I’m on my way to the beach – soon. What about you?

  • Jennie

    Nice article. Which tanning product should I use for a ‘sunless tan’?

  • melanotan ii

    i have use it once and the effect is awesome. I had a fake tan in 3 days using melanotan ii.

  • tanning

    There are lots of sunless tanning products nowadays,well i suggest you can try spray tanning,tanning lotions,tanning pills,melanotan II or even tanning beds will work,pretty sure of that. =)

  • mySkin

    What do you think of the ‘safety concerns’ of using Tanning beds ?

  • tanning

    You should always wear goggles over your eyes when tanning in a tanning bed. The Food and Drug Administration make wearing eye protection mandatory and will ask to see your protection before allowing you in the bed.The good news salons will offer, either for free or sale, various forms of eye protection. Tanning salons also often offer various designs so you can choose the type you want. Many people don’t like wearing goggles with an elastic band because they cause tan lines. The goggles without an elastic are fine for when laying down in a bed, though some people are still bothered by the tan line that could appear across their noses. An option to remedy this is the globe shaped goggles, which are two separate cup shaped lenses that you place over your eyes, eliminating all chance of tan lines.You should also beware of salons that claim their beds are so innovative that you don’t need eye protection. Also, closing your eyes, wearing sunglasses, or placing cotton balls over your eyes should never be substituted for tanning bed eye protection.

  • tanning

    Safety during the tanning process is probably something you’ve heard about. Tanning safety is important.Here are some safety concerns when using tanning beds:
    -Salons should keep you informed about wattage for each booth,make sure that tanning bed lamps are equipped with new bulbs.
    -Tanning booths should be thoroughly cleaned after each use.
    -All tanning booths should be equipped with a safety power shut-off feature.
    -If you begin to feel dizzy, weak, burned, or sick, stop tanning immediately.

  • melanotan ii

    I use a product called melanotan ii. and its really effective in having a fake tan

  • tanning

    Try using the product that i used. its called melanotan ii

  • pt-141

    Hi there my friend, You may try pt-141 in order to have a tan skin. its only $12 dollar for you information. Its really safe,cheap and effective. been using it for a month and the results are amazing. bought it online. click my name so access the site.

  • melanotan II

    Melanotan II is a tanning peptide known to have a glowing tan look.Melanotan and Melanotan II (MT-2) are peptides that have become popular due to their abilities to cause tanning of the skin, something unachievable to many. Bodybuilders and those who like to have dark and tanned skin for aesthetics benefit greatly. Melanin causes the tanning and darkening of the skin, and melanin is heightened by Melanotan (more Melanotan injections equates to more melanin), a peptide characteristically similar to α-MSH. The functions are not limited to skin pigmentation, however. Hair pigmentation, libido and appetite are also determined by Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone. The tanning effect is heightened by the exposure of UV light. Tanning is usually more pronounced in the area which receive the most exposure.

  • peptide

    i agree to this article, this all must be applied when doing tanning but i suggest to also try peptides to easily have that result of tanning without exposing and damaging your skin from over exposure to harmful UV’s.

  • Mayanka

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