The ABC Of BB Creams

abc_bbIs it possible to streamline our beauty routines and also save on some space (and some money) on our beauty counters? Can one beauty product really do it all? The beauty industry has capitalized on this need and has come up with the trending BB Cream making it the hottest beauty buy. BB Creams are flying off the shelves everywhere, from makeup counters to drugstores. So do you know the ABC of your BB cream?

BB Creams – What are they? BB stands for ‘beauty balm’ or ‘blemish balm’. This cream packs in the power of a moisturizer, sunscreen, concealer and foundation into one product making it the only product you need on your cosmetic shelf. These creams are lightweight and help in making your face look naturally and effortlessly flawless. They spread evenly and help in concealing skin flaws and be used as a skin moisturizer as well!

BB Creams – Do they really work? What BB Creams offer are not just tall claims. Here are a few benefits of using a BB Cream.

  1. Sunscreen

Your BB cream already contains the sunscreen component making it great for your skin. Unlike your tinted moisturizers and foundations, BB creams have a much high sunscreen component but don’t leave you with a chalky or whitish look.  Now the additional hassle of applying sunscreen over your moisturizer and then applying foundation is done away with.

  1. Light formulation

The BB cream can be used as an alternative to foundation. If the cakey, made up look is not for you then a BB cream can become your best friend. These creams are easy to apply and give smooth coverage. Initially these creams did not offer the option of multiple hues for different skin tones. But today you can choose from more textures and colors in this cream’s range.

  1. Anti aging and skin refining

The BB cream formula is mineral based. These creams are also laced with anti oxidants and some creams also contain Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid since these creams intend to not just cover skin imperfections such as blemishes and sun spots but also reduce their occurrence. Some BB creams also have anti inflammatory, anti wrinkle and soothing properties making it perfect for everyday use.

  1. Skin enhancers

BB creams are very subtle and should not be confused with concealers. They actually enhance your skins appearance by blending easily right into the skin leaving behind a radiant and fresh look. Most BB creams have a lightweight, almost airy texture which gives your skin the nourished feeling while covering up those wrinkles and age spots.

Are BB creams meant for you?

Since BB Creams combine the benefits of a moisturizer, serum, foundation and concealer in one, switching to one is an absolute no-brainer. But, if you don’t fall into the three to five shade category finding a BB cream to match your skin tone can be a challenge.  Also BB’s are suited for skin types that need light coverage. If you have large red spots, active acne or major skin discoloration you will require more than the sheer cover these creams provide.

All in all, if you want skin brightness and light coverage the BB cream is meant just for you.

What has been your experience with BB creams? What’s your verdict?


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