The Biggest Detox Myths

If you’re a person who’s on the lookout for ways to keep your fitness and health, you’ve surely come across or read about detoxing and various detox diet. As always, we’re trying to give you the best possible information so you don’t have to wander around and make attempts with the trial-and-error method. This time, we’re dealing with detox myths and how to debunk them!


The Detox Myth

A recent article by The Guardian dealt thoroughly with the topic of detox and its misuse for the purpose of selling products. As the article suggests, the detoxing process is a natural one, and it’s going on in your body by default as you’re reading this. If you’re healthy, of course, your liver and kidneys serve as detoxifying machines that are able to process the negative effects of various substances. The only valid detox regime is the one followed by people with drug addictions. The rest is just marketing – if you’re healthy and your liver and kidneys are working properly, you’re already detoxing and you’re doing just fine!

But is there something behind this story that could benefit us and improve our overall health and wellbeing? Let’s see!

The Superfoods Myth

You must have heard this one too – there are certain foods with amazing powers to detox your body, such as broccoli, kale etc. Well, it turns out there is no such thing as a superfood, but there is a super-good diet that is beneficial for your health. However, it’s not comprised of juices and smoothies only.

The Juice Myth

Now, freshly squeezed vegetable juices are great, especially if you like drinking them! There’s no need to avoid them at all, but there’s also no need to think they should be your primary food or that you should drink them every day! A good diet should have a big variety of ingredients, starting from fruits and veggies going over to cheeses, olive oil and whole grain cereals, all the way to nuts, fish and meats.


We hope this quick lesson in detox and the myths around it will serve you well as a guide for orienting yourself towards a healthier diet and lifestyle choice. The ultimate conclusion is as follows: detoxing your body means staying away from added sugar, smoking, too much alcohol and processed foods. Aim for a balanced, nutrient-rich diet with moderate physical activity and as long as you’re staying healthy in a natural way – you’ll be detoxing without trouble!

The Biggest Detox Myths

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The Biggest Detox Myths

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