The Hidden Beauty Benefits Of A Cocoa Butter Candle

I’ve enjoyed cocoa butter for years. My favorite bath soap is loaded with this skin-softening miracle, but it wasn’t until recently that I discovered all of the other benefits I’d been unwittingly enjoying. Cocoa butter is an organic fat harvested from cocoa beans – that’s why it smells so good. The key ingredient is cocoa mass polyphenol (CMP) which offers some truly remarkable health benefits. CMP can slow or stop the growth of tumors and alleviates certain symptoms of arthritis and asthma because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Some studies even assert that when used regularly, it can prevent certain types of cancers. It’s all good stuff!

Based on all this great news, I was looking to expand my cocoa butter beauty buys. That’s when I discovered EkoMiko candles. These lightly scented eco-friendly burners are made from cocoa butter, but you may be wondering how that helps my skin or health? Simply – once they are consumed as candles, you end up with a jar full of yummy cocoa butter you can slather onto your skin. The cocoa butter I got after enjoying 50 hours of my candle has had a couple of other surprising side effects. The patch of eczema on my right elbow is completely gone and the small scar on my index finger from an unfortunate hedge-clipping incident has faded significantly. I wasn’t specifically treating the scar, but it got lots of cocoa butter on it from my other body-wide applications, so that was a bonus treat!

The butter melts at body temperature so it smoothes on nicely and leaves a thin layer of oil on your skin – but nothing noticeable or greasy. This layer traps moisture to keep your skin hydrated while protecting it from sun, wind and drying factors such as gas heat in your home or office. I’m pretty liberal with my applications of cocoa butter – I use it on my body every day and on my face several days a week. I’ve seen a noticeable improvement in dryness and fine lines not just on my face but on my hands and décolletage. This anti-oxidant vitamin E loaded butter boosts collagen in your skin. It also boasts vitamins A and C which repair and renew skin. Surgeons recommend cocoa butter to help post-operative scars heal more smoothly and rapidly and has long been used to combat stretch marks from pregnancy or rapid growth.

So go on – this is one fat you don’t want to fight – butter yourself up and start enjoying it’s beauty benefits!


Rachel S. is a freelance blogger extraordinaire from the Deep South with a passion for Hemingway, Kentucky bourbon and the environment. She lives with her two and four legged family in Atlanta where she relishes both the heat and the humidity. Know more about EkoMiko candles and their cocoa butter benefits here.


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The Hidden Beauty Benefits Of A Cocoa Butter Candle

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The Hidden Beauty Benefits Of A Cocoa Butter Candle

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    Sounds great and I believe all of the above is true (about cocoa butter) as I’ve seen this consistent information from many reliable sources. However according to the Eko Miko website, their candles are not cocoa butter based, rather they’re coconut butter/oil based…

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