The Megamillion Winner Is On mySkin!


Its Jackpot time! The place for you to be NOW is mySkin where you can treat your skin like a megamillionaire! At the end of the day, your skin matters the most. You need to keep your skin healthy, treat it like a winner, pamper it with TLC, listen to it and give your skin  some ‘ME’ time. All this skin-care will help you to enjoy a healthy life with all the big bucks you’ve made :) This pampering makes you look younger :) –Jeez,  is there anyone in the house who doesn’t want to?

To treat your skin right, you need the right advice on what skincare products work best for you! One doesn’t want all the money to go in ‘trial and error’ not mentioning the adverse effects on your skin if the products are not meant for you! To hit ‘Jackpot’ with your skincare product, the person who advises you needs to factor in the unique condition of your skin, the geography you live in- could be the Prairie Illinois, the mountainous or sandy Maryland or the central plains of Kansas, the topography, the weather conditions of your area- whether windy, dry, humid, cold, warm etc., your lifestyle, your genetics and much more. This is precisely what we at mySkin do! Our mathematical algorithms factor in various facets of ‘yours’ so very unique to you to ring in the gong on your ‘Holy Grail ’ skincare product making you a mega million skin savvy winner on mySkin. It’s a Jackpot!

Cheers to Happy Skin :)

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