The skinScan App: What Is Your Mole Telling You?

Why is there buzz about applets that can self examine your moles, tell you if they are cancerous, connect you to a dermatologist and store your ‘skin health’ information? Simply because, Prevention is Better Than The Cure– these apps. help you listen to what your moles are telling you and catch the bad, crazy cancer cells in their early stages.

The skinScan App. for Windows phone analyzes your moles and keeps track of your skin health.

Melanoma Prevention: Do you know that your mole may be an early sign of skin cancer? One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in the course of a lifetime. Early detection of moles significantly reduce the chance of skin cancer. skinScan analyzes your moles, tracks their changes, and connects you with dermatologists to get a professional opinion.

Analyze Your Skin: Take a picture of your mole with your phone, answer a few questions, and our skin assessment technology developed by world renowned skin scientists will tell you if your mole is high risk lesion or nothing to worry about. Our advanced automated algorithms are based on International dermoscopy standards and vetted by our medical team through clinical tests.

Get A Second Opinion: Still not sure and want to have a doctor look at your mole personally? Simply tap on ‘Send for second opinion’ to send your mole image to our resident skin scientist, who will personally look at your mole and your data to give you an assessment.

Upload to Microsoft HealthVault: Want to keep track of your mole’s changes over time, and share with your doctor or family? skinScan is integrated with Microsoft Healthvault for simple tracking and sharing. Simply use your Live ID or create a new HealthVault account, and add who you’d like to share with, we’ll do the rest!

Download and Install the skinScan app. on your windows phone.

Here is the video demonstration of the skinScan

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