The Sparkling Secret Of Ellen DeGeneres’s Skin

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She’s a judge on American Idol, she’s the self-proclaimed “out of the box” CoverGirl, has her own talk show and she’s recently hosted the Oscars. She also has great wit and comic timing and she is a kindhearted person known for her compassion. A role model for many women, she is the author of a book, and she is fashionable and known for her ageless beauty. She is Ellen DeGeneres!

You look at her and you’d never guess that she is 56. We believe age is just a number, and Ellen looks younger with every passing year! While she played the perfect Oscar host with her hilarious lines, she also wowed everyone with her glowing skin and her sparkling eyes. So, what is her well-kept beauty secret?

Ellen keeps it simple

Ellen’s skin has a natural glow. That is because she prefers to keep it simple, whether it is makeup, or using skincare products. As a CoverGirl  brand ambassador for their Simply Ageless line of products, she is loyal to her CoverGirl Simply Ageless foundations and make-up. Most importantly, she washes her face and moisturizes it, without missing an inch! A regular wash and moisturize goes a long way, and for Ellen, it’s as simple as that!

Keeping fit works wonders for her skin

Ellen keeps herself fit and young with yoga, cardio, and Pilates. She believes in the calming effect of her daily 60-90 minute morning yoga sessions. She’s always active and loves to dance. Even on her show, she’ll break into dance moves. Her workouts are written all over her face. As she said last year on her show, “keeping fit equals happy body equals great skin!

A massive change in her eating lifestyle

Five years ago, Ellen DeGeneres and her wife Portia turned vegan. Though they did it for their love for animals, Ellen claims that going vegan has helped her getting fit and looking good. All the natural, organic and anti-oxidant rich foods and cutting out the processed food has kept her glowing and how!

Apart from a major diet change, Ellen DeGeneres gave up on eating sugar – completely. While sugary foods give you that momentary high, they also break down collagen, resulting in sagging, listless skin and wrinkles. She also recommends quitting smoking, cutting down on alcohol and caffeine and drinking more water to keep the skin hydrated and full of radiance.

Ellen, in her book Seriously… I’m kidding, writes, “Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. It’s about knowing and accepting who you are.” The care she takes to keep her skin healthy is a sure way to getting “comfortable in your own skin.” If you want Ellen’s “wow” skin and those rather sparkling eyes, keep it simple, keep fit, and eat right!


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