Three Week Program Until Valentines To Look Great !


Somehow, the most romantic day in the year can also be the most stressful. Oh! The effort to look like a dream can definitely not be an easy task. This year, however, give mySkin’s three week program a shot and end up looking like the goddess that you truly are!

Week one – Detoxify the system

Relax: Stress, excessive partying from the holiday season, excessive eating and drinking all have an impact on your skin. Undo the damage by first letting your system relax. Try some yoga and meditation to relax your system and get the good hormones to do their work in getting you that youthful flush.

Rejuvenate: Rejuvenate your system by incorporating a healthy eating plan. Stay away from the sweet and fried stuff. Avoid foods that contain too much salt and have a lot of salads and greens. Go easy on the salad dressing to lower the salt and the fat content.

Start the exercise: Get back into shape by starting your exercise routine now! It can be easy to get rid of all the excess weight piled on during the holiday season. Go for a swim, try pilates or any high intensity workout that works on your muscles and lets you get the toned look.

Week Two – Indulge

Clean and Clear: Throw out your make up that is more than a year old. Clear the clutter to make sure that you don’t end up with unnecessary zits or blemishes because of old make up. While you are at it, clean out your make up brushes as well and replace the overused ones.

Get the sparkle: It’s time to start deep cleaning your teeth. If you don’t want to head to a dentist then give your teeth the brightening boost by starting up on a teeth brightening toothpaste.

Go for your deep cleaning NOW: don’t leave off your deep cleaning facial for the last moment. Most deep cleaning facials, chemical peels or microdermabrasion treatments have a down time of approximately a week. So plan ahead and get the glow at the right time.

Get body beautiful: Time to work on your body now! Start your body exfoliation regime now and have smooth skin by Valentine’s Day.  Make a DIY body scrub with olive oil and sea salt at home or pick up your favorite brand. Also a few drops of essential oils in your bath will leave your skin feeling baby soft!

Week Three – Enjoy

Buy Buy baby: Now is a good time to pick up that special Valentine’s Day dress. It is also a great time to pick up new makeup. Head to your favorite departmental store and take a look at all the new colors this season. Ask for samples and see what works for you.

Get that hair fix: This is a good time to get a haircut and highlights. Get the hair done at the beginning of the week so that you can get used to the new style and color by the time the big day arrives.

Nail fix: It’s time for a special mani pedi! Go to a salon and get the nail fix and paint your nails and toes in bright red…after all it is the day of love!

Get the glow: If airbrushing and getting a spray tan is out of the question then all you need is to exfoliate and apply a gradual self tanning formula for a couple of days. You will get that subtle sun kissed look easily.

Groom: Get your brow tweezed and get a professional waxing done two days in advance. This way you will be body beautiful and groomed and don’t have to worry of any skin irritations that might occur because of all the pulling and tweezing!

Now slip into your red hot dress and make your man go weak in the knees :)

How are you prepping up for V Day?

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