Top 3 Beauty Tips – Women’s Day Special!


Cheers to ALL Women across the globe! Happy Women’s day 🙂 Today is the day we celebrate being special, wonderful,  charming, and just being ourselves!

With all these positive manifestations, how about listening to some wonderful ladies from my twitter-verse who share their  top 3 beauty tips to be beautiful and charming?

  1. Makeup artist Norah Salazar  quotes her Top 3 beauty tips, ” Exfoliate, steam often and wear SPF daily.”
  2. AlluraDerm MD Med Spa believes in this ,” Nothing like a morning run to start off the day.”
  3. Esthetician Shannon Ellis  says, ” Less is more; eat a healthy diet; cleanse with pure oil (grape-seed, jojoba, etc).”
  4. Skin Wellness consultant Maria Roche  emphasizes to, ” Exfoliate, moisturize, eat clean.”
  5. Beauty blogger BLACK swan Beauty  states her Top 3- “Eat a healthy balanced diet, wash and moisturize daily and get moving!”
  6. Beauty Therapist Arti Naidu  quotes, “Drink plenty of water, Wearing something you feel sexy in everyday, Smiling at everyone.”

Thanks for your top 3’s, ladies! I’m lucky and blessed to have friends like you…

Wooting on top of my voice- Celebrate YOU! Celebrate being a WOMAN 🙂