Top 3 Factors To Go Social With Beauty


Gloria suggests that I should be using a light moisturizer with SPF for the day while Rose advises me to use a heavier cream for the PM.  Nancy talks to me about astringents and their benefit to my oily skin and Julie recounts her Sunday spa facial to me telling me to give it a try! Guess what?  I’ve never met these girls IRL (in real life) nor voice talked with them. Thanks to the social media revolution, my coffee table beauty conversations now boast of friends encompassing the globe. The tips, knowledge and fun I share with my virtual BFFs is making me a far more learned and empowered beauty consumer.

These three ‘mega- pull’ factors make me go gung-ho socially:

I am not alone: When I visit beauty communities, blogs and social networking sites aka Facebook and Twitter, I find there are a lot many like me battling dark circles and body weight. What’s more encouraging is that these people; now my friends online, are willing to answer, discuss and debate their concerns in an open and transparent forum- no sales and brand marketing talk here! This is a clear-cut indication of how geographical borders have been crossed, and how distance and language is no longer a barrier to information or communication. This medium is fast and expressive.  Today, when I pose a skincare or beauty concern, I get replies within minutes from various friends, beauty advisers and experts. This empowers me to decide on my choices of treatments, lotions and skincare products.

Worldwide web of skincare communities: I’ve made contacts with genuine people on a global scale. They have become my friends, confidantes and advisers when it comes to skincare and beauty. When I feel low and depressed these guys n’ gals help me look at the positive side of life and keep me going with my dreams and passions. Surprisingly, I don’t know their social strata, their income levels, their age and their nationality. Moreover, their advice does not make my pocket light and is straight from the heart.

The new voice: Social media has become the fad of digital media. It has spread and captured more interest than traditional channels of media and advertising. Today, while watching a TV commercial, chances are that you’ll notice a subtitle in the end informing users of their Facebook or a Twitter page. That’s the place I visit before making my beauty product decisions. Here, I connect and feel ‘one’ with genuinely expressed experiences shared by real people vis-à-vis glib, snazzy, photo shopped accounts of the product.  Social media is a communication tool for all- consumers and beauty companies.

My social media community gives me a lot- a feeling of oneness, the confidence to share and express, friendships to cherish and connections that make me smile.

How have the social media communities helped you? Let the conversations begin.

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