Top 3 Tips To Healthy Cuticles


Get up and take notice- you need to be hand n’ nail beautiful in the winter months. Else, your hands are going to tell a different story about you quite divergent from your sexy boots, scarves and jackets:)

The cuticles are membranes which join the nails to their roots in the skin & they also take care of new nail growth. Dry, unhygienic, ill maintained cuticles eventually lead to brittle nails- Act now!

Cuticles need hydration: First hand, don’t use creams, moisturizers or emollients that contain alcohol. They don’t absorb well and just stay on the surface. I found that cuticle oil helps. If you can find a blend of naturally light oils also comprising of Vitamin E, it’s sure to penetrate deep and at the same time protect the skin around the nails. Cuticle oils are available in tubes and bottles with brushes. Use ones which you find simpler and hassle free to apply. I personally prefer the one time use tubes which you just twist to break & apply with the built in applicator brush. For effective hydration you could apply extra virgin olive oil on a regular basis.

Push back & trim : This is a quick fix for instant soft cuticles & neat looking nails. Take warm water & add a few drops of lavender or almond oil to this.  Soak your hands for 15 minutes. Then use a cuticle pusher to push behind the otherwise stubborn skin. Use clippers to trim your cuticles.

Use products & tools which care for your cuticles: We love a manicure which usually ends with an attractive dash of nail polish. Get your hands on nail polish remover which doesn’t contain formaldehyde as this chemical dries up the skin and gives you unhealthy nails. Make sure your manicurist sterilizes tools between clients and also washes her own hands to avoid passing infections. Nail biters are prone to infections since they have open cuts around the nails due to their compulsive habit. Also harsh cleaning products or pushing cuticles with a lot of pressure can cause redness. Any signs of inflammation around cuticles should be attended immediately. Wear gloves while working in water related activities. Apply a moisturizer to your hands after you wash them.

With these tips in hand raise a savvy and confident toast at your BFF’s wedding.