Top 5 Cutting-Edge Anti-Aging Technologies


Skin care has really evolved over the past few years, has moved far beyond our medicine cabinets and has grown into a million dollar industry.  A tremendous amount of research and development has led to the development of revolutionary products that help us achieve miraculous results today.  The Chemical Peel that was once an advanced treatment is now readily accessible for all.

I decided to look into new and fantastic skin care advancements and find out what other revolutionary anti-aging technologies have been brewing that will reduce  the signs of aging.


Laser treatments

Laser skin resurfacing is the perfect solution when you are not ready to go under the knife.  Laser treatments combine the following three treatments together to achieve youthful and revitalized skin, an even skin tone and tightened skin.

  • Photo Rejuvenation induces color correction by passing concentrated pulses of light that even out skin color and reduce the appearance of broken blood vessels.
  • Laser Skin Tightening uses deep heating to tighten up the skin, stimulate collagen production and firm up existing collagen to give the skin a firmer and more taut appearance.
  • Pixel Laser Resurfacing improves the texture of the skin and irons out fine lines and wrinkles. This laser creates a number of miniscule perforations, which lead to increased collagen production. The skin around these areas remains intact during the resurfacing and hence, the top layer of the skin heals very quickly.


The revolutionary Hormone Replacement Therapy restores reduced hormone levels to optimal concentration and helps in improving skin tone, elasticity and structure. Hormone Replacement Therapy has advanced significantly and now Bio Identical Hormones can be administered to restore  hormone levels to the levels present in our youth.

Resveratrol is the newest skin care technology to hit the market with a vengeance. This is a flavonol that has become very popular due to its anti-oxidant qualities. It inhibits the oxidative damage to the cells and protects the skin cells from UV damage. 

Telomeres are said to be a part of our DNA and are attached to the ends of our chromosomes. With age, these Telomeres get shorter until the cells lose the ability to multiply and eventually die. They are often called ‘the clocks that reverse aging.’  Topical Telomerase Enzyme Therapy helps stabilize the telomeres and assists cells in resetting their clocks and rebuild faster.

Peptides are mini proteins that send signals to your skin when collagen breaks down. They stimulate collagen production and hence, give the skin a firmer and brighter appearance. Copper is also delivered to the skin, when it is attached to a peptide. Copper peptides act as anti-oxidants, stimulate collagen production and also ease wrinkles. They help in the natural skin rejuvenation process and help in removing the damaged collagen.

What are the latest cutting-edge anti-aging technologies you’ve heard about? Write in and tell us.  And of course, consult your physician and dermatologist before you select one of these anti-aging treatments.

  • Sarah

    Cool! I didn’t know much about telomeres…the enzyme therapy-how is it done?

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    i really think that laser treatments are effective, the only problem is that these kind of treatments are certainly quite expensive to have. you need to invest lots of money for such anti aging treatment.

  • anti aging skin

    i am new to this kind of anti aging treatment, i am not well oriented with laser treatments. i am kind of old school for this matter. i still go for a healthy lifestyle, it is a fact that we need to face, all of us will end up old.

  • Anti aging creams

    Many say that laser treatments really work, the only thing is that if such a treatment is advanced in nature would it also mean that it is expensive?

  • Amber

    laser treatments, isn’t that expensive?