Top 5 Summer Tips For Acne Free Skin


Ugly, red, angry, achy, zits are a common worry for many of you as the mercury hits higher numbers. Sweat, excessive oil, and pollution cause a heady combination of grime that lead to acne. Moreover, your raging teenage hormones add to the pimple problem. Summer is here and so is the acne nightmare!!

Here is what you can do to nip your acne in the bud (without popping the zits)!

It’s a sunny day! The summer sun is extremely cruel to your skin. Skin problems like acne only aggravate with too much of sun exposure. Even on an overcast day, we cannot emphasis enough on the importance of sunscreen and proper sun protection.

  • While out, apply a good sunscreen lotion (minimum SPF 30) that suits your skin.
  • Re-apply after every 2 to 3 hours.
  • Use a different sunscreen for the face and the body.
  • Sunscreen is not enough. Your body needs to be well protected with sun-hats and protective clothing.
  • Avoid direct sunlight between 12 noon to 4 pm.

Go in for the change- As the seasons change, your clothes, style and color preferences change too. Why should you then keep using your winter makeup in summer? Acne-prone skin needs a lighter makeup. Ditch those cream based foundation creams and moisturizers and opt for mineral or water-based cosmetics.

Quench you thirst with a healthier option- Cold, ice-filled frappes or chilled colas seems like a savior in the summer months, don’t they? Diuretic beverages and aerated drinks cause more harm, and they don’t even quench your thirst. Such drinks are full of sugar that can cause havoc to acne prone skin. Opt for fresh fruit juices, lime water, coconut water or simply a glass of H2O!

Hygiene is health- Summers bring sweat. Summers also mean spending more time outside. Higher exposure to dirt, grime, and pollution can trigger acne, and/or worsen it. Therefore, maintaining and ensuring  good hygiene is key. Surfaces around you are dirty too, filled with germs that can transfer to your face. Keeping a hand-sanitizer in your bag, using blotting paper to wipe your face, washing your face regularly but gently, keeping your hands off your face, and most importantly, not bursting your pimples are simple hygiene habits that you can follow!

Keep up with your basic skincare routine- This is so obvious; it’s a no-brainer! A regular CTM, twice-a-week exfoliating routine, avoiding over washing, avoiding soap based face washes, and most importantly, not slacking off on your regimen, will help you keep your acne at bay in the summer. Know which skincare routines work for you. Enjoy lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet, catch up on your sleep, don’t stress and stay hydrated!

Why let acne make your summer a bummer? Be acne free 🙂


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