Top 8 Tools You Need For The Perfect Halloween Manicure


Halloween is just around the corner. While you might have to wait until October 31 to wear your costume, why not get into the spirit of this holiday early by sporting a Halloween-themed manicure and pedicure? Colors like black, orange, and purple will lend a definite Halloween-friendly look to your fingers and toes.

Here are 8 tools that will give you the healthiest  ghoulish nails :

A hand and foot soak:  Before you start working on your nails, give your fingers and toes a good soak. Fill a bowl with warm water and moisturizing hand and foot cleanser. Soak your hands and feet in the bowl for about 10 minutes each. This will not only help remove dirt, but it will also help in smoothing out your skin and cuticles, making them easier to work with.

A cuticle clipper:  After you soak your fingers and toes, trim up those cuticles and hangnails with a cuticle clipper. By giving your nail beds a neat and clean look, it can also help you avoid being subjected to those tiny and painful cuts that seem to appear out of nowhere on the sides of your nails.

A pusher:  A cuticle pusher is also handy.This will help you push those cuticles back into place and can also be used as a cleaning tool, which you can use to remove any dirt and debris around your nail beds and under your nails.

A nail clipper:  Of course, clippers are in order to keep those nails neat and trim. However, don’t buy just any old ordinary clipper–buy a professional grade one. Rather than ending up with jagged nails, you’ll have maximum control and get the perfect cut every time.

A coarse nail file:  After you clip your nails to the length that you desire, use a coarse nail file to give them a nice shape. Ovals or squares are fantastic for the fingers, while a square shape creates the most natural look for your toes.

A nail buffer:  Once you have achieved the shape you want for your nails, use a nail buffer to polish everything up. Run a buffer along the edges of your nails in order to get rid of those jagged edges that are caused by the course file. Also, rub the buffer over the surface of your nails, giving them a smooth finish.

A callus smoother:  Wipe away that rough skin on your feet with a callus smoother. This tool has an abrasive end, designed to rid your feet of rough skin, leaving smooth skin behind. Use one that has a sturdy handle so that you have ultimate control.

Hand and foot lotion:  Once you have trimmed your cuticles, shaped your nails, and gotten rid of rough skin, rub moisturizing lotion onto your hands and feet. Concentrate on the areas around your nail beds, as well as your heels and the palms of your hands. Nothing feels better than smooth, silky skin!

That’s it! You are done with your salon inspired manicure and pedicure right at home!  Apply your Halloween-inspired nail colors to complete the look for this “trick or treat” season.


Today’s guest blogger, Virginia Cunningham is a freelance writer in Southern California. She enjoys the festive season by giving her nails some festive polish. She contributes to the Bellezza Spa blog with health and beauty content.


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