Tough Serena’s Awesome Beauty Win


With her win at Flushing Meadows, Serena bags her 17th Grand Slam crown with aplomb, style, finesse, and “never-say-die” spirit! She also collects a cool $3.6 million in her ‘bling’ purse.

Her tough, athletic body was sheer Sunday magic at the center court and her eyes looked super awesome with that bold cat-eye. She looked so full of focus, concentration and determination with those thick kohl-ed eyes. Not to miss out were her beautifully shaped, well groomed, full eyebrows. You ought to love them!

Her booming, to- the- point serve match her chic, stylish sportswear; usually bright, florescent mini dresses and her manicures are to-die-for. She looks super glam in her bold ‘n’ beautiful statement earrings. This tough woman exudes interest, allure, power and real beauty- inside out.

When not volleying at the courts, Serena devotes her time to charity, runs a school in Kenya and runs the Serena Williams foundation that provides grants to students to excel in their educational pursuits. She is the co-founder of Mission Skincare and a success story with her trendy fashion line.

She is your inspiration to go bold, go solid and charge full blast towards your goals.


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