War Of The Moisturizers – Is A $10 Moisturizer As Effective As A $100 One?

moisturizer2Isn’t the promise of eternal youth packed in the tiny vial of a very expensive cream a lure to many of us? We associate a ‘pricey’ product with better effectiveness, uber- style, exotic wellness and luxury!

No doubt,  buying that expensive product definitely makes you feel special but was it doing anything more than that? It was time to do a reality check.

Most cosmetic experts and formulation chemists claim that a $10 moisturizer is just as good as a $100 one.  The reason? Since most of the familiar high end brands are owned by the same parent company, the only thing that changes is the label. Usually the ingredients in an inexpensive product are virtually the same as that of an expensive brand coming from the same company. Try comparing certain high end moisturizers to the drug store versions from the same company to see what we are talking about!

Another thing that these cosmetic giants do to make their products expensive is ‘fairy dusting’. This means that the companies add trending ingredients such as green tea, seaweed etc. in minimal quantities making a product attractive and exotic. In most cases, just enough of the ingredient is added to get listed on the label and not enough to make the product really effective. This makes the product seem attractive and more interesting thus raising the perceived value of the product.

Packaging is another factor that is responsible for scaling the price index. Often packaging costs are actually higher than that of the cream itself! It feels more luxurious using a cream from an attractive glass bottle than from a plastic jar doesn’t it?

So how do we buy that perfect moisturizer? The answer lies in the ingredient list. Look at the active ingredients and their percentages in the cream. A lower priced product might have the same active ingredients as a higher priced one but in different concentrations making the latter more effective. But in some cases, such as in anti aging creams percentages are not listed. Your dermatologist will give you the right prescription in that case.  You should also know that all ingredients are listed in order of concentration but any ingredient in less than 1% concentration can be listed anywhere in the end of the list.

Some moisturizers claim to have natural or green ingredients in them, making these products more expensive. But if you do a little research then you will know if these ingredients are worth the price or not. Some high end luxury creams boast of using seaweed extract which is the reason why these creams are so expensive. But according to experts seaweed is not a luxurious, expensive ingredient. It can be found readily and is used in almost everything from food products to medicines to cosmetics.

So while you do pay a bit extra for cutting edge research and more active ingredients you really need to see if the results are worth it ( Do you know the 99% Skin Secret?) . Remember that only because you pay more doesn’t always mean you get more. While your experience is definitely enhanced using that silky super expensive moisturizer, you need to see if it makes any difference in your appearance.

To find out if a certain product is meant for you, you should be knowing what your skin needs and asks from you! You should be knowing the current status of your skin health to decide what will work for your skin. To understand your skin, to know your skin health, to know what works- check out the dermograph™ skin analysis system from mySkin Inc.


mySkin’s  dermograph™ is the world’s first transdermal skin consultation system for beauty advisers to offer credible and scientific consultations to their customers. The dermograph™ is an integrated touchscreen computer + a simple, hand-held device that measures skin health. It looks beneath the surface of skin using visible light to measure multiple characteristics of your skin and matches these results with the most effective products/treatments.

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