What Is The Correct Way To Wash Your Face?

washing faceYou consider your ‘once-in-the-morning’ and once-in-the-evening’ water-splashing routine perfect and you have even invested in expensive products. Great! You sure get a pat on the back for making a start! However, are you really washing your face the ‘correct’ way?

Arm yourself with right dos and don’ts of face washing:

  • First, wash away grime, grease or dirt off your hands with soap to avoid transferring it to your face.
  • Remove all the makeup from your face and eyes using cotton pads or makeup cleansing tissues.
  • Know the difference between soap, a cleanser, a face wash and an exfoliating scrub. They all have different uses. Soap is a no-no for the face; a cleanser removes makeup and cleans the face before using a face wash. A scrub removes dead cells and exfoliates.
  • Choose products that suit your skin type.
  • Always use tepid water. Cold water will close your pores whereas hot water can shock the skin.
  • Be gentle with your face. Scrubbing or rubbing to hard can damage it or increase fine-lines and wrinkles.
  • Wash off any excess cleanser, face wash or scrub from your hairline, neck, side-burns or ears. If missed, leftover product in these areas can result in breakouts.
  • Wash your face every time you come home from the outside and follow it with a moisturizer.
  • If you follow a systematic face washing routine, you will never miss doing it right.

Below are five simple steps to wash right:

Step 1 – Wash your hands, remove your makeup and splash tepid water on your face.

Step 2 – Take a coin-sized amount of cleanser and gently massage it onto your face using circular motions.

Step 3 – Cover all areas of the face starting from the forehead, move down to the nose. Move outwards to the cheeks and finally down to the neck area. Wipe it off with a clean cotton pad or a tissue.

Step 4 – Lather up a pea-sized amount of soap-free face wash or an exfoliator and apply on the skin using circular movements and wash.

Step 5 – Pat your skin dry using a fresh towel. Follow up with a toner and moisturizer!

Your face will thank you for this wonderful cleansing ritual.


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