What Is The Dermograph ™?


You go for your medical checkup and come back with insight on how your heart functions, how your liver works and how your kidney processes! Do you ever go to a doctor to understand your skin health? Do you ever come back with measurements that tell you how your skin is functioning?

Enter mySkin’s dermograph ™. The dermograph™ is the world’s first transdermal skin consultation system for beauty advisors to offer credible and scientific consultations to their beauty savvy clientele. The dermograph™ is an integrated touchscreen computer + a simple, hand-held device that measures skin health. It looks beneath the surface of skin using visible light to measure multiple characteristics and matches results with the most effective products/treatments. The dermograph ™measures 13 vital skin health characteristics to give you an accurate profile of your skin. The parameters include your skin’s surface moisture, luminosity, and its propensity to age, its hyperpigmentation status, and its texture amongst others.

The dermograph ™ is easy to use and intuitive. You simply place the imager on your skin, press a single button to take a quick scan. mySkin’s algorithms analyze your skin images and display your skin health readings. You’ll get the best product and treatment recommendations for your skin and you can track your skin health over time.

The dermograph™ technology is based on the sciences of dermoscopy, spectroscopy, and nanotechnology, enclosed in a simple and easy-to-use design. The system is sophisticated, insightful and personalized helping beauty advisors and customers understand their true skin health, take steps towards specific skincare goals and of course, look better!


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