What Is Your Skin Health-O-Meter?

health-o-meterWhich is the largest organ of your body? You got it correct- It’s your skin! Your skin is 12-15% of your body weight, with a surface area of 1-2 square meters. Your skin protects you, is a sensory organ and plays an important role in regulating your body fluids and temperature. When happy- your skin is happy, when sad- your skin is sad. Your skin mirrors your feelings, thoughts and body health.

Why measure your skin health? You get your heart activity checked, you get your liver functions checked- do you check your skin health? Isn’t it important to know if your skin works just fine?  It’s important to know the water content (hydration) of your skin, it’s helpful to know the collagen and elastin levels (propensity to aging) of your skin, and it’s worthwhile to know the melanin content (hyper pigmentation) of your skin besides knowing more about other skin health functions like texture, gland activity, oiliness, pore status, redness, skin tone. All these ‘skin health’ check-ups will help you know your skin, understand your skin and use treatments and products that will keep it healthy.

How to measure your skin health? The dermograph™ is the world’s first transdermal skin analysis system that measures your skin health by looking through the epidermal and dermal layers of your skin using white light technology. This skin health measurement device is safe, user friendly, reliable and non invasive. The dermograph™ measures 13 vital skin health characteristics to give you an accurate skin profile. The system is an integrated touch screen computer + a simple, hand-held device that measures your skin health. The genesis of this device is from medical sciences and it works on the principles of spectroscopy, dermoscopy and nanotechnology. Your skin health assessment is presented to you in simple colorful graphs with advice on what action you need to take to keep your skin healthy. The complete consultation takes five minutes of your time- that’s not much, isn’t it? The system also tracks your skin health over time- reading, understanding and pacing your skin as it changes due to extrinsic and intrinsic triggers.

The dermograph ™ skin analysis consultation is your skin’s BFF, your skin health-o-meter.


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