What’s The DNA Of Your Skin?


The latest beauty buzz, the newest skincare discovery, the unearthing of the ‘miracle’ anti-aging molecule- all the beauty aficionados get running to grab the most about it! As experts are still rummaging in the shallow waters of how your skin condition and age can be determined through your DNA, here is mySkin’s  take on what lies beneath!

Your skin DNA  talks to you, often in a language you can easily miss if you’re not paying attention. It has emotions and moods!  Are you tuned in to the double helix (DNA) of your skin?

Is your skin DNA angry? Did you notice that throbbing, red, zit on you cheek the other day? Zits and acne breakouts are sure signs that your skin is telling you to stop binging on those fries, keeping your hands off your face, and stop popping pimples! Your double helix is angry.

Is your skin DNA tired? Sun spots, uneven skin tone and tanning, are fingers pointing out to a  tired skin due to excessive sun exposure! Load up on sunscreen and stay indoors when the sun is at its peak.

Is your skin DNA lazy? Sluggish, listless skin is often a result of dehydration, or less consumption of water. Your skin generally reflects you. Drinking a minimum 6 to 8 glasses of water a day will keep you well hydrated and skin-active.

Is your skin DNA stressed? Appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is an indication of stress. When you’re stressed, the hormone cortisol breaks down collagen making the skin lose elasticity and resulting in skin aging!

Is your skin DNA sad? Your skin lacks luster. You have noticed how dull and lifeless it looks…Your skin looks sad when you attack it with cigarette smoking, too much of alcohol and coffee consumption, less exposure to Vitamin D rich sunlight and lack of sleep.

Is your skin DNA disgusted? Recurring infections? Sty-on-the-eye? Oversensitive skin? Your skin could be disgusted with your habit of not washing those makeup brushes, using old makeup or sharing makeup and even forgetting to cleanse your face before bed!

You should listen to your skin with eyes wide open. Beneath that cover of MAC, your skin’s DNA tells a different story. Happy skin is a glowing, radiating, healthy skin that smiles at you every time you look into the mirror!

Well… what do you see? What’s your skin’s double helix telling you?


April 25th is DNA day in honor of the completion of the human genome project and the discovery of the double helix.


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