Whats The Right Product For ME To See “Neutrino” Speed Results


Its all about finding ‘THE’ right product for our skin, isn’t it? The moisturizer that fits well with our skin needs is our best friend- but finding our beauty ‘BFF’s’ is the challenge:) Wouldn’t it be great to visit the CERN of skincare to nail the correct product at Neutrino speed; faster than the speed of light!

mySkin is like the CERN. We collect products across brands and price bands – and fire them across thousands of users in a targeted way via our algorithm enabled collider. Users keep coming back to rate, review, talk and share their beauty experiences to etermine what are the conditions that generate the best outcome for their dermis. Is it by cheapest, or most expensive, ingredient A or B etc.

Our findings have baffled our scientists so we are putting that out for review by the larger community – YOU.

At this skincare CERN answer a few ‘atomic’ questions about your dermis, get your skin atoms assessed, build your skincare shelf – get started and find the neutrino!