What’s Your Skin Health? Moisture And Oil Measurements Of Your Skin

In my earlier SkinCurve article, we talked about how moisture changes in your skin during a typical day. While measuring a single characteristic, like moisture, may be insightful, you need to measure a whole profile to best know what’s happening with your skin.  If you don’t, it’s like reading your blood pressure but instead of getting 120/80, you only get the systolic number (120)—it can be very misleading.

Let’s look at two of the important skin measures, oil and moisture.

Your ideal skin band is high moisture (for supporting healthy skin function), and medium oil, to help protect the skin and lesson water loss during the day. Many people incorrectly think their skin is either oily or dry (or normal/combination), but your skin can be both oily and dry.

You are in the good skin band when you have medium levels of oil and moisture.

Your skin status is poor either when your skin is low on moisture and oil or it is low on moisture but high on oil.

Oil and moisture, when looked at in combination, lets you know what to do.

We’ve chosen 13 skin characteristics to measure with the dermograph

The moisture-oil levels in your skin is a small example of why you need to understand the various factors that make up your skin health.  We’re now in the 21st century and we now know that many factors affect how healthy your skin is.

Learn about your skin profile with the dermograph and take charge of your skin.

What do you think?  Is this well known? Any other factors that matter in great skin that you can measure?  Your comments and dialogue are always welcome. Write to me at sava@myskininc.com.


Today’s blog is written by Sava MarinkoviSavach, co-founder and COO of mySkin.  Sava has deep knowledge in nanotechnology, healthcare, and user experience, and dabbles quite a bit in algorithms, skintwins, and devices.   Sava’s career includes leading product marketing and go-to-market strategies and for hospitals and consumers across EMEA while at GE Healthcare International.  He was most recently Ernst and Young’s entrepreneur of the Year (innovation) in Serbia in 2012.   Sava is a graduate of Harvard Business School and is passionate about skiing, golf, classical books, and wine.

mySkin’s  dermograph™ is the world’s first transdermal skin consultation system for beauty advisers to offer credible and scientific consultations to their customers. The dermograph™ is an integrated touchscreen computer + a simple, hand-held device that measures skin health. It looks beneath the surface of skin using visible light to measure multiple characteristics of your skin and matches these results with the most effective products/treatments.

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