Which Moisturizers Work Best In Summers?


Do you make a moisturizer switch during the summer months? Are you confused as I am, wondering  which one would be my summer choice- should I use a gel, or is it better to use a light water based moisturizer, or will an oil based one do, or will using one with flower and fruit extracts help?-  the choices are endless and confusing!  Here’s what I discovered about moisturizers and which one work best for the hot months.

The job of a moisturizer is to cater to the skins hydration needs and make it feel soft and supple. Due to environmental factors such as heat, dust, and pollution our skin tends to lose its natural moisture and begins to feel dry. A moisturizer forms a thin layer on the skin’s surface, traps in the natural moisture of the skin along with providing additional hydration.

Types of Moisturizers: Moisturizers are of two basic types – oil in water emulsions or water in oil emulsions. The oil in water moisturizers contains humectants like honey and glycerin that provide intensive moisturization by absorbing water from the surroundings. The water in oil emulsions are lighter and come in various formats like lotions and light creams.

Water based ones: These moisturizers work best during the summer months if you have normal skin. Since these are light and have less oil they will make your skin feel hydrated and will not leave a greasy look behind.

Gel moisturizers: You have oily skin and think that you don’t need a moisturizer? Think again, as your skin will need hydration and balance even more during the summer months. A gel based moisturizer when used immediately after cleansing the face will replenish your skins hydration needs, control oil production and stall wrinkles.

Oil based ones: If your skin is extremely dry then you will need an oil based moisturizer during the summers. However your winter moisturizer will be too heavy for the needs of the balmy months and might even clog your pores. Try a balanced moisturizing lotion meant for oily skin in the AM to prevent dry patches and the stretchy feel.

Fruit and flower induced: The latest to join the emollient brigade are fruit and flower moisturizers. You can find such moisturizers meant for dry, normal and oily skin. Peaches, plums, kiwi, passion fruit, lemon and strawberries are some of the commonly used fruits in these moisturizers. Similarly moisturizers’ containing plant and flower extracts like that of aloe vera, white lily, rose, lavender, and elder flower also work wonderfully during the summer months.

Tinted moisturizers: Tinted moisturizers work beautifully in the summers. A tinted moisturizer combines the needs of skin care with a light foundation, offering you a luminous look. Your skin feels light and non greasy and you don’t have to worry about foundation dripping down with the beads of sweat. Such moisturizers give you a light coverage and come in a variety of shades for different skin types.

Light moisturizers with SPF: Today you get moisturizers with SPF which gives your skin not only the hydration benefit but also complete sun protection.  Look for one with SPF to be sun safe in the summers.

What summer moisturizers do you use? Write in and let us know.

  • Julie King

    just read about how “great” coconut oil moisturizers are for dry,wrinkly,damaged skin. Can anyone recommend a brand they are thrilled with the results of using for a reasonable time period?

  • http://vainpursuits.com Ruby

    I tend to disagree that SPF is an absolute and only sun protection ingredient. There are many other ingredients that are known to fight sun exposure and sum damage!


  • http://vainpursuits.com Ruby

    Coconut oil is a great ingredient – but it may not be for everyone. Think about what you need :)