Why Are Night Creams Essential?


Did you know that your body works the hardest on its regenerative process when you are actually sleeping? Well, as for me, I thought that when I sleep, my body is sleeping as well. I learned about this night time regeneration process when I was cracking one of my jokes about using ‘night creams at night’. One very beauty conscious friend of mine then pointed me towards the importance of night creams and here is what I found.

Today we need to battle dust, oil and pollution to make sure our skin stays healthy. These external factors compounded by harsh UV rays bring on early signs of aging such as dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines as well as dull skin. While the monthly facial does help to regenerate the skin, we need to look at a daily dose of intense hydration that will help repair and replenish the skin.

As we grow older, collagen production in the body declines, which leads to sagging and wrinkled skin. A nightly application of a good night cream stimulates collagen production and helps the skin look and feel younger.

A night cream should become an integral part of your beauty regime especially when you have reached your 30’s. Night creams or serums have intense nourishing capabilities and also contain anti-oxidants that combat the first signs of aging that begin to appear around this time.

Signs that you should start using a night cream are when:

  • Your skin feels stretchy and less elastic
  • Your skin feels dry
  • Your skin looks dull and patchy

Our skin tends to lose most of its essential moisture at night but at the same time, its ability to absorb all the essential active ingredients in the night cream peaks. Restoring the damage caused by free radicals, pollution and makeup become much easier when you use a replenishing night cream.

What is the difference between a night cream and a daily moisturizer?

The main difference between a night cream and a daily moisturizer is the ingredient list and the texture. Day creams or moisturizers are:

  • Lighter in texture
  • Very easily absorbed by the skin
  • Contain a sunscreen formula which protects the skin form UVA and UVB rays

Night creams on the other hand are:

  • Heavier in texture and deeply hydrate the skin
  • Provide intense moisturization
  • Have anti-aging properties
  • Contain active ingredients that stimulate cell regeneration and reduce the appearance of fine lines
  • Improve appearance of skin
  • Boost collagen and elastin production

But night creams do not offer sun protection and hence, can only be used at night. Night creams are the only way to reverse the beating that our skin takes during the day. Night creams work wonders for our skin when the metabolic activity of the skin and the cell regeneration process is the highest at night.

How long have you been using a night cream? Which night cream do you use? Write in and tell us of your experience.

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    Great Article!Night creams are essential as our body heals better over night.Night Creams regenerates & heal the most between the hours of 10pm and 2am, so using a moisturizer at night can really help! After all, keeping skin hydrated overnight is the key to anti aging!

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