Why Choose Organic Cosmetics Over Cosmetic Procedures?


Today, women of all ages feel the pressure to be young and beautiful. However, as we age, lines and wrinkles coming up is a done thing! This leads to women searching for the elusive ‘fountain of eternal youth’. More alarmingly, many younger women are choosing to have cosmetic surgery to achieve our society’s perfect ideal of what a women should look like.

There are two main ways that help women to look young: Organic cosmetics and Cosmetic procedures. Cosmetic procedures are inherently dangerous and pricey. Plastic surgery physically changes a women’s body and if not done correctly, can cause serious and permanent damage. Organic cosmetics provide a more natural route for women to enhance their beauty. These cosmetics are free of harmful chemicals and provide a quick and easy avenue for women to improve their looks.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in 2010- 2011 women underwent over 1.6 million surgical procedures. Further, in 2011 alone, this plastic surgery came at a cost of over $10 billion! The most common surgical procedures are liposuction, breast implants, eyelid surgery, tummy tuck, and breast lift. Many women obsessed with the ‘anti-aging mantra’ of plastic surgery ignore the numerous risks and costs that are associated with these procedures. Most of these risks can be avoided by using organic cosmetics as opposed to undergoing harmful surgeries. Here are 5 possible dangers of plastic surgery:

  1. When people undergo plastic surgery, there may be unexpected beauty hiccups. For example, if a woman elects to have liposuction, the fat cells in the area of the surgery are eliminated. If she later gains weight, she will not gain weight evenly and the weight may be gained in odd areas like the upper harms. Organic cosmetics do not have a permanent effect, so a woman can easily change her regime in accordance with her concerns.
  2. If a woman has surgery on a certain body part, it may throw off the symmetry of her entire body or face. Meaning, if a women tries to create the “perfect” nose through surgical means, she may cause her mouth or eyes to look odd and not normal in relation to her new nose. Organic cosmetics will allow a woman to help create a perfect face, without physically changing anything about her ‘real’ self.
  3. Cosmetic surgery is surgery. These are invasive procedures which if done incorrectly can lead to deformities or even death. There are no risks associated with organic cosmetics.
  4. The monetary cost of surgery remains extremely high. This cost causes many women to look for a “cheaper” surgeon with disastrous results. Unskilled surgeons are more likely to produce the outcomes described above. Organic cosmetics do not necessarily cost more than normal cosmetics and are a significantly cheaper option than surgery.
  5. Cosmetic surgery may have an adverse impact on a woman’s emotional well-being. Women may not be emotionally prepared for the results of their “new” body and may suffer side effects such as depression. Also, many women do not consider the reactions of their peers to their plastic surgery. Negative reactions from friends and family can cause a woman to feel ostracized. The use of organic cosmetics will only have a positive effect on a women’s self-esteem.

Organic cosmetics continue to be a friendlier way for women to achieve the beauty that they desire.


Today’s guest blogger Lisa Moore has written several posts on health, beauty, parenting and other issues involving women. Her articles have appeared on websites like Nooz Hawk, Herald Extra, Professor’s House, Women and Health News. Two of her articles related to skin care are “Beauty without Botox” and “Botox Cost and Price Breakdown”.


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