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Pic. courtesy: El Dorado Royale, a Spa Resort by Karisma

At a spa what do your esteemed customers need? What is it that makes them comfortable with your services? What makes them your friends forever?

You need to meet their unmet need of understanding their skin better and then guiding them to the correct treatments and products. The trial and error era in beauty is long gone and your customers want services that befit their skin, their lifestyle and their purse. Its complex but when you as a spa can give them credibility, genuineness, and science coupled with your esthetician’s friendly and knowledgeable demeanor, you have a customer for life!

The dermograph™ is the world’s first transdermal skin health measurement system that brings in science, credibility and friendliness to your customer. The system was developed by the combined effort of a world-class plastic surgeon, dermatologist and nano-physicist and two Harvard graduates. It is based on the sciences of dermoscopy, nanotechnology and spectroscopy.

Benefits to your spa:

  • Enhances the beauty advisor’s credibility via a scientific analysis
  • Grows revenues by helping sell targeted products from your inventory
  • Builds loyalty amongst customers by bringing them back regularly to track skin health over time
  • Brings R&D to the point of sale with a powerful back-end that captures detailed data on demographics, concerns, product sales and samples handed out

Benefits to your clients:

  • Helps them achieve their skincare goals by analyzing the skin and identifying problem areas
  • Guides them to the products/treatments from your inventory, that are best suited for their skin and their preferences
  • Personalized recommendations and tracking ability helps tweak and provide an optimal skincare routine

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The dermograph™ is easy to use and safe, since it uses visible light. As the light interacts with various tissue structures like oil glands, collagen, and elastin, the imager decodes the information to give a detailed assessment of the characteristics of the skin tissue. While the science is rigorous, the user interface is slick and friendly and presents the readings in an easy to understand method. The algorithms enable selecting from 13 skin characteristic measurements like moisture, firmness, luminosity, texture and pigmentation, amongst others. This scientific innovation packaged within a cool, touch-screen enabled, customer experience helps beauty consultants enhance their credibility and engage the customer on concerns related to their skin, further firming the consultant-client relationship.

Bottom line, when customers get a scientific measurement, it builds credibility for your spa practice and grows revenue.


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