Why Is Yoga Good For Your Well-Being?


Yes! You have heard enough about the benefits of YOGA! Yoga enthusiasts tell you how well yoga works for them. You have people amongst your friends and family who tell you that they are getting fewer colds, sleeping better, feeling more relaxed and less stressed with YOGA! You have been rolling your eyes at health commercials and yoga programs that tell you, “your flow of prana increases with yoga” or “you will feel energy coursing through your veins”!

We also know for sure that while you have “Puh-lesed” and flicked that remote shut, you have wondered, Does it really help? Well read on and see for yourself!

The benefits of Yoga

  1. Increasing the strength of your muscles and joints and improving flexibility and toning of the body through asanas i.e. yoga postures.
  2. Managing and preventing pain in different parts of the body that is common in today’s sedentary lifestyle.
  3. Preventing and curing a number of respiratory disorders through Pranayama.
  4. Treatment of chronic diseases like blood pressure, asthma, hormonal imbalance and digestive disorders as yoga helps in enhancing bodily functions.
  5. Enhancing your memory with exercises that improve circulation to the brain and those which require high levels of concentration. It also reduces mental stress and depression by physically strengthening the nervous system.
  6. Natural weight loss, detoxification and elimination of bodily toxins as yoga enhances the body’s metabolic rate.
  7.  Yoga helps in keeping you mentally happy, less stressed, physically strong and internally cleansed. This keeps your skin glowing, revitalizing the skins texture and reversing the skins aging clock!

To put it straight, this more than 10,000 years old art of meditative exercise helps you attain physical, mental harmony and balance, for well-being and a healthy life.


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