Why Should Every Spa Be Using Spa Diagnostics

deviceDo you want to grow your spa’s revenues? Do you wish to engage your customers more? Do you want to differentiate your services?
If you say YES, then its of utmost importance that you understand your client better, understand their skin needs and give them the spa services and treatments that would work for them right at the very first instance without ‘trial and error’.

Agreed! you have wonderful estheticians at your spa- they are knowledgeable, talented, good listeners and wonderful therapists. But you find that there is still some gap in their client analysis and what your customer really needs. Its the human mind and eye at work which could lead to some innocuous errors, no offense towards your wonderful estheticians! To bridge this gap, computer enabled diagnostics comes into play. A portable, computer enabled, friendly skin health analysis of your client with assist your esthetician to make informed decisions.

mySkin’s dermograph is the world’s first transdermal skin health measurement system that brings in science, coupled with credibility and friendliness to your customer. The system was developed by the combined effort of a world-class plastic surgeon, dermatologist and nano-physicist and two Harvard graduates.

How will the dermograph benefit your spa?

  • Differentiate your esthetician’s credibility via a scientific analysis
  • Grows spa revenue by selling targeted products from your inventory
  • Bring customers back by helping them track the health of their skin over time!

In today’s wired world, its your technology led spa that will positively engage your customers, drive your spa revenues and differentiate your spa services from the others. You are in synch with the times!

If you have any questions or need more information, call or message us. We would be delighted to hear from you!

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mySkin Showcases Its dermograph At ISPA 2013

mySkin Showcases Its dermograph At ISPA 2013

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