Why Visit A Dermatologist?


I always considered a visit to my dermatologist a colossal waste of time. Why would I want to visit when I had no severe skin problem? A zit here and there or a bit of skin discoloration wasn’t something that had to be dealt with professional help! I mean a derm. is a doctor and I went to docs. only if I got really sick. But I was in for a surprise.  Many non conformists like me were making a beeline for the dermatologists’ office. Why was that?

What is the correct product for my skin?: Truth be told, today you don’t have to be skin sick to visit a dermatologist. We all know how huge the beauty industry has become. Isn’t it confusing when you have to choose from an aisle full of fabulous skin care products which all promise you the sky! Did you ever stop and think how come these products promised all that ‘you ‘wanted without even knowing you. Here comes in  your derm. who knows and understands your skin- knowing what ingredients and molecules it needs. This expert help reduces your ‘skincare product confusion’ resulting in better looking skin.

Is my Skin healthy?: You visit a dermatologist to access your skin health. Just like you wouldn’t miss a routine general health exam, a visit to your skin doc. makes sure that the health of your largest organ, your skin, is taken care of. Routine and timely visits to a dermatologist can help detect early signs of melanoma or skin cancer. If you are in the ‘high risk’ skin cancer bracket due to genetic history these routine visits can be life saving.

Is it Bad Skin? : For some of us the treatment to acne lies in a little tube purchased from the local drugstore. For others, it can be a serious condition needing medical intervention with a well-rounded therapeutic program. A derm is able to examine and determine the root cause of your acne giving you a far more effective solutions. Some people avoid going to the dermatologist and resigning to their skin problems thinking that they just have ‘bad skin’. There is no such thing as bad skin; it’s just skin problems and concerns that a skin doctor can cure. Skin conditions like rosacea, skin burning, redness and acne scarring can be agonizing but your derm. will alleviate them.  Be it something cosmetic like a specialized facial or an acne removal chemical peel, you can be rest assured that your expert will have all the answers.

Why not head to your dermatologist and give your skin the specialized and personalized attention it deserves?



  • Jennifer

    Absolutely almost everyone should see a dermatologistand not just for acne. There are other skin conditions, infections, rashes a derm can help, also check on moles too. Ive been seeing the same dermatologist since i was a teenager (im now 40) and he is the best! When i was in my teens i really had bad acne, not only did i get the right meds but he also provided me a list of products and beauty ingredients to stay away from, such as mineral oil and certain acids.

  • http://www.dermsnextdoor.com/ DermsNextDoor.com

    Great article, Thanks!

    I think that way too many people keep the “if I’m not sick, why should I go to the doctor” philosophy. Regular checkups are essential to healthy living.

  • http://anti-aging-skin.org/ Cathleen

    The only medical practitioners I have visited is a family doctor and a dentist, I have never been to a dermatologist yet. But thanks for the advice though.