Winter Skincare: Face Masks For Cold Months

Even if you enjoy all winter wonders from skiing to iceskating or just plain walking in the snow, you probably don’t enjoy what winter does to your skin. You’ve survived the holiday season, but we still have a month or two of cold weather to go. How to care for your skin during the rest of cold months?

While it may be delightful to watch snow fall from your window, winter is very harsh for the skin and  dry weather does it no good. To restore moisture you should use masks which moisturize more. Avoid glycolic peels, and use hydrating treatments with gentle enzyme exfoliation. For chapped skin, try lipid layer repair treatments that work with essential fatty acids, collagen and peptides.

You should definetely avoid microdermabrasion in winter months. Also, it is a huge mistake to undergo steam treatments in the colder months.

As far as face masks go, you should stick to these types:

Hydrating Face Mask

With hydrating facials, the natural moisture of your skin can be retained and you dan’t have to worry about dry skin any more. Further, the hydrating masks relax your skin by reducing fine lines making your skin look plump and refreshed.

Avocado Face Mask

Avocado mask is perfect for dry winter skin which may become very irritated in the winter. It’s easy to make – just mash an avocado with a fork, add a few drops of extra-virgin olive oil and apply the mixture to your face. This nourishing mask will pack your skin with a whole range of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and softening agents to fight winter dryness.

Aromatherapy Face Mask

Dryness during winter causes skin irritation, so this soothing kind of face mask suits well to all skin types. The aromatic oils solve skin problems by eliminating the toxins, thereby purifying the skin in the winter.

Egg White Face Mask

This kind of face mask is good for oily skin with large pores. Spread a beaten egg white all over your face, let it rest for a half-an-hor and then rinse off with warm water. The mask will refresh and tighten your oily skin and it will look much healthier.

Banana Face Mask

For combination skin which is traumatized by winter weather, try a softening banana mask. Mix a mashed banana with honey and apply this mask over your face for 30 minutes. It will smooh, soften and moisturise your skin and repair all the damage caused by nasty cold weather.

Winter Skincare: Face Masks For Cold Months

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Winter Skincare: Face Masks For Cold Months

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